WAGGGS 2017 Thinking Day Challenge

This years Thinking Day Challenge is entitled GROW and is all about growing the Girl Guide and Girl Scout movement.  A mandatory part of the challenge is that each group do the challenge with girls who would not normally be in Guiding (a bring a friend meeting or as part of a community activity etc.)  The activities themselves are divided into the four parts of the tree: Roots, Branches, Trunk and Fruits and Flowers.


The badge is really striking and can be ordered though the WAGGGS store as individual pins or as patches in  lots of 10 or 25.


Four Corners – Four World Centers

This is a game I found about the World Centers, although the idea would work with many topics. To play, you designate one corner of the room each of the Four World Centers.  Then you ask a series of questions and for each question the girls move to the corner they think the answer is.

Four Corners – World Center

WAGGGS and The World Centers

This weeks meeting we started by discussing what WAGGGS is.  Then we went over the World Flags and World Badge and what all the symbols mean.  The girls split into patrols and played World Badge Beetle.

Then we came back together and discussed what the World Centers were.  I’d made up a little packed of information about each of the five World Centers, including 5-6 photos mostly from information available from WAGGGS.org.  Each patrol choose a different center to work on and made a poster about their center.  (We let the winners of the beetle game pick first).  Then they presented what they learned to the rest of the unit.  The girls seemed to have a lot of fun with the posters.  We’re going to save the results for decoration on enrollment night.

We ended the night with some singing.  We’re working on Sing Ontario Sing and we were able to check off three more songs this week (TIRO, Kookaburra and  We Who Have Come Here).

World Center Game

I found this on the Pax Lodge site and it would be a great edition to any meeting on the World Centers

Game PDF

Each player is given a card.  And then the players must organize themselves in to groups so that each group has one card from each category for one of the world centers.  There are 8 categories (name, location, year opened, “hello”, name of country, national flag, an activity you can do  and a food). I’m sure you can remove categories if you don’t have enough players.  For a very large group you could make more then one copy of each card.