Guide History Game


Out of Heavy paper or cardboard make cards with all the letters of the alphabet except for Q,X and Z.  Then make the following extra letters 3 -Bs, 3-Cs, 4-As, 4-Os, 4-Os, 5-Ls, 4-Ns.  There should be a total of 50 cards.

On a large piece of paper print the following names and post it on a wall:

  • Olive Baden Powell
  • Robert Baden Powell
  • Crystal Palace
  • Agnes Baden Powell
  • Brownsea Island
  • Scouting For Boys
  • St. Catharines

To Play:

  1. Players sit in patrols in a large circle
  2. Put the letters in a pile in the middle of the circle
  3. Read the first question
  4. The patrol of the person who first answers picks a name from the list to try and spell out and starts picking out the letters.
  5. While they are doing that, read the next question
  6. As additional patrols start to try and spell words they can either pull letters from the first pile or try and steal them from another patrol.
  7. First patrol who completes a name wins.


  1. Who Started Girl Guides and Boy Scouts? Lord Baden-Powell
  2. What was Lord Baden-Powell? Robert
  3. What book did he write for boys? Scouting for Boys
  4. Where did he take boys on an experimental camp? Brownsea Island
  5. Where did Girl Guides first appear? Crystal Palace Rally
  6. What did they say they were? Girl Scouts
  7. Where was the Crystal Palace? England
  8. Who gave the girls’ organization the name “Guides”? Lord Baden-Powell
  9. What city in Canada had the first Girl Guide unit? St. Catharines
  10. etc.

Mad Libs

Mad Libs are a series of word game books where blanks in a story are filled in with a category of words to make a silly story.  There are many pads of stories available some of which might fit with Guiding themes.  The can be a fun way to start a conversation or something to throw into your kit in case of rain at camp.

The Brownie Meeting Ideas blog suggests using them as a fun way to discuss camp rules before camp. has a couple of free printable ones on Camping and Cookie selling.  Or you can invent your own.  It might be fun for a Pathfinder group to write some for a Guide unit to play.