Pass the Coin

I learned this game from the 2018 Thinking Day challenge from WAGGGS. Our girls had a great time playing.  We ended up splitting the group into four teams and had them play at opposite ends of the room.  Then after a few rounds we swapped which teams were playing against each other so they could try their strategies on different opponents.

This game requires concentration, communication, strategy and powers of observation. Split your group into two teams. Have the teams sit in two parallel lines facing each other about a metre apart.
Each line receives a coin which is passed or appears to be passed down the line. Each person can pass the coin or just appear to pass it on. Hands must be kept in front of the body.
Both lines pass at the same time. The participants should be watching the other team, not their own, to see if they can figure out where the coin stops.
When the passing reaches the ends of the lines, each group huddles to choose who on the other team has the coin. Then ask the teams to come back and sit in their original lines. The head of the line gets up and goes to the end of the line and this repeats until everyone has a chance to lead the line.


Sister in Guiding

I haven’t met you personally,
But one glance confirms a friend I see;
For behind the trefoil and the smiles,
Lies strong ideals linking hearts and minds,
That banish time and miles.

You are my sister in Guiding,
You’re a friend I can confide in,
No matter if you’re a diff’rent race,
Young or old, from some far place,
As sisters in Guiding we share a secret drive,
To make this world a better place in which to be alive.

From around the world we throng,
Eight million people can’t be wrong,
Guides are found in many lands,
You’re never far from a friendly smile
And willing, lending hands.

So we travel on together
Through the bright and stormy weather,
Striding forth in work and game,
We are joined by the Guiding spirit,
The world is ne’er the same.

tune from e-guide

Thinking Day Meeting

For Thinking Day this year we held a bring a parent night.  We made all the parents honourary Guides for the night.  They even marched into horseshoe with their girls.

We based the meeting around this years WAGGGS Thinking Day Challenge Grow.

After horseshoe we all played CABAÑA, GUEST, or VOLCANO to complete the roots section.  Then we split into three groups for a round robin. 

The first station was run by a Guider originally from Holland who taught them a party game where you eat snack bread off a string while blindfolded.  Everyone also got to try the snack bread she’d made.

The second station was the Grow your collaboration game from the challenge pack.  We ran that out in the hallway where we could set up a good maze of wool.  The girls and parents went though the maze three times, once on their own.  Once holding hands with a partner.  And once holding hands with one partner blindfolded.

The final station was our seeds stop, were the girls made seed heads (instructions soon) with the help of their parents.

After the round robin we had a badge presentation for all the badges the girls have earned since enrollment.  It was nice to have the parents there for that.

Why Thinking Day

In 1926, Girl Guide and Girl Scout delegates from around the globe met in the USA for the 4th World Conference. Among other decisions, they agreed that there should be a special annual day when Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world think of each other and express their thanks and appreciation for our international Movement. This was called Thinking Day. The delegates chose 22 February as the date for Thinking Day because it was the birthday of both Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout Movement, and Olave Baden-Powell, who was World Chief Guide.

WAGGGS 2017 Thinking Day Challenge

This years Thinking Day Challenge is entitled GROW and is all about growing the Girl Guide and Girl Scout movement.  A mandatory part of the challenge is that each group do the challenge with girls who would not normally be in Guiding (a bring a friend meeting or as part of a community activity etc.)  The activities themselves are divided into the four parts of the tree: Roots, Branches, Trunk and Fruits and Flowers.


The badge is really striking and can be ordered though the WAGGGS store as individual pins or as patches in  lots of 10 or 25.

Saskatchewan International World Regions Challenge

The International World Regions Challenge from Saskatchewan teaches girls about the 5 global regions of WAGGGS.  It starts by having the girls complete a series of challenges about WAGGGS and then explore each region further though games, crafts, songs, food, guest speakers, celebrations etc.

There are lots of challenges that look at the 5 world centers but this is one of the few I’ve seen that look at the WAGGGS regions.

Thinking Day 2016

Hope you had a great Thinking Day.

We celebrated Thinking Day this year by holding a joint meeting with the Pathfinders.  We worked on the WAGGGS Thinking Day Challenge for 2016 which is all about connections.

We stated with horseshoe and then discussed the experience of the girls who wore their uniform (or scarf) to school that day. (Connect with the World #3 – Connect with my Scarf)

Then before they got too restless we had them play the cheering game described in Connect with Friends #2 – Connect with my Fans.

And then to settle them down again we did a breathing excerice for Connect with Me #2 – Connect with my Breathing.

The Pathfinders had arranged for a guest speaker to come and talk about her experiences as a Guide in the Czech Republic and one of the Pathfinder Guiders worked at Pax Lodge for a while and spoke briefly about that experience.

Then we had a number of activity centers set up the girls could explore.  The two speakers set up a table with artifacts on it the girls could go and look at as well as ask questions. We had a giant Thinking Day card they could sign (Connect with WAGGGS #4 – Connect with Sangam).  We had a photo booth set up for #Connect10million.  Girls could design a Guiding emoji (WAGGGS Surf Safe Challenge) and play the Connect with WAGGGS #1 – Connect with 5 Regions guessing game.

Then with took a big group photo and finished the night with the Connect with the World #1 – Connect with Diversity activity.

I thought for sure we’d planned too much but we actually finished 5 min early.  I think the Guides may have been a little intimidated by the older girls so they didn’t talk as much during the discussions.