Stellar women

The Canadian Space Agency would like to introduce you to some of the amazing Canadian women who have made major contributions to the exploration of space.  Click the image to download a larger copy.


World Space Week

The first Make a Difference Day for 2017-18 is World Space Week – October 4-10th. National has released an instant meeting to help you mark this STEM based week.    I do a lot of space activities already with my Guides so many of these ideas I’ve seen before but I’m glad to see them being promoted.  I am quite interested in the Life on a Space Station activity though.

If you want some alternative ideas, check out the Meeting in a Box: Space from Quebec.  I like the active Solar System game.  I think the girls would have a lot of fun with it.

Spot the ISS

The International Space Station is a great target to look for in the nights sky.  It is relatively bright and moving but not so fast that girls won’t have a chance to pick it out among the stars before it disappears across the horizon.  The Can I see the Space Station from my Backyard? site is mostly a set of links from the Canadian Space Agency to other sites from NASA and the European Space agency but it is still a great place to start if you want to figure out when the ISS may be over head.

Is it a meteorite?

If you are not familiar with the comic xkcd, the author, Randall Munroe, often looks at STEM subjects though a lenses of humour.  Before he wrote comics he worked on robots for NASA so the science is accurate and the comics are often funny.  This recent one points out how hard it is to actually find a meteorite if you are out looking at rocks.

But Mr. Munroe also linked to this more serious flow charts showing exactly how hard it is to find an actual meteorite.

This might be a fun chart to take on a hike or to camp.

Flight Themed Muli-branch advancement

I first saw this back when Brownies still “flew” up to Guides, but it can still be used today.

All Sparks have a caterpillar made of construction paper.  The first year sparks wave good-buy to the second year Sparks as they go behind a blanket. (The cocoon )  They are given butterfly wings to wear on their way to Brownies.

The Brownies had a plane made from a large cardboard box.  They all sat in it together while they few up to Guides.

The Guides built rocket ships out of bristle board for their third year girls and they blasted off to Pathfinders with a count down.

The Pathfinders used coloured Christmas lights to create a “transport pad” like you’d find in Star Trek and beamed themselves to Rangers.