Sing Ontario Sing 2017-18

This years edition of Sing Ontario Sing is on a Celebrate Canada 150 theme.  It is in a campfire format so it could all be done in one meeting or over several campfires.  In edition to to the songs each unit is expected to share some “fun Canadian facts” as part of the challenge.  A song booklet has been assembled with lyrics and tune references.  Each song is on it’s own page so you only need to print the pages you intend to use.


The Neuroscience of Singing

The neuroscience of singing shows that when we sing our neurotransmitters connect in new and different ways. It fires up the right temporal lobe of our brain, releasing endorphins that make us smarter, healthier, happier and more creative. When we sing with other people this effect is amplified.

The Neuroscience of Singing

This fascinating article discussing the effects on the brain of singing in a group.  The singing we do at our meetings or around a campfire really can contribute to long term mental health.  Don’t forget to add some singing to your Mighty Minds program.