We’re Having an Event!

Last April I shared my We’re Going Camping! Worksheets This year I Pathfinders working on events rather then camps to demonstrate their leadership skills so I have created a set of accompanying Event worksheets.  Events are a big category so I don’t expect every event would need every page.  While targeted at Pathfinders, some parts might also be helpful to Guides, Rangers or even leaders planning an event camp.

It includes planning sheets for:

  • basic information
  • theme brainstorming
  • plan a safe event
  • schedule
  • budget
  • location
  • people
  • supplies
  • roles at the event
  • campfire
  • Guides’ Own
  • evaluation

We’re Having and Event!

Challenge Planning Tool

As we set out to plan our Guiding year I thought I’d draw everyone’s attention to this great document by BC Guides that lists all the challenges available in Canada.  A short summery of each challenge is provided and what program pieces (broken down by branch) may be associated with them.  It may be a year or so out of date now as challenges are always coming and going but it looks like they do try and keep it up to date.