Circus Challenge

The Circus Challenge is part of the series of Arts to Go Challenge from BC Girl Guides.  To complete the challenge girls must complete one activity in each of the four sections of the Main Attraction:

  • Clowning Around (drama)
  • Carousel Time (music)
  • High on the Trapezes (dance)
  • Peanuts and Popcorn (crafts)

And some additional activities (depending on branch) from the Three Ring Circus.


Passport to the Arts

The BC Passport to the Arts challenge contains a truly enormous collection of arts activities from other countries.  It is divided into four major sections: Dance, Music, Crafts and Drama.  Each of those sections are divided by continents.  To complete the challenge girls must complete at least one activity from each region plus additional activities based on their branch.

Popular Culture Challenge

I think this might be a fabulous challenge to do with a unit of mostly older Guides or Pathfinders. The Popular Culture Challenge comes from the 1st Ashton-on-Mersey South Guides from Manchester UK. It contains challenges in

They’ve left how many and from which categories up to you, but suggest you spend at least three meetings on the challenge.  I don’t think this would be difficult as I see lots of program cross-overs with Girls Creating badges and the Discover Your Creativity program.

As with any UK challenge run by a unit, check that the crests are still available and discuss with them the trans-Atlantic shipping costs before starting the challenge.

Around the World in Artistic Ways

I’m afraid there is no image for this one. The challenge is from the Nova Scotia arts adviser and combines international Guiding and the arts.  To complete the challenge girls have to explore WAGGGS countries visually, through drama and music/dance.  Older girls have to do 5 activities and younger ones 3.  The challenge was made with bridging events in mind and as such would make a nice challenge for multi-branch units to tackle together.

You can find the PDF of the challenge here.

There is an order form for the crests at the end of the challenge.


Rainsticks are a percussion instrument from South America.


  • 3 cm nails
  • heavy cardboard tubes cut into 20-30cm lengths (try asking at a fabric store)
  • Heavy paper such as wallpaper scraps
  • dried beans, peas or lentils
  • glue
  • decorations


  1. Using a hammer, drive 10-15 nails into the tube.  Leave a 4 cm around at each end without nails.  Make sure the nails are distributed around the rest of the tube.
  2. Cover one end of the tube with heavy paper.
  3. Pour about 1/4 cup of dried beans into the tube.
  4. Glue another piece of paper over the other end to seal the tube.
  5. Now decorate the tube by covering it with paper, stickers etc.

To use, turn the tube so the beans fall from one end to the other.



Hidden Orchestra

Prepare cards with the followign sentences on them.  Hide the cards around the camp area.  The girls could work in pairs or teams.  They must find the card, read the sentence and try to find a musical instrument hidden  in the words.  E.g. Cast a net in these waters = castanet.

Clean the tub after you take a bath.
Look at the rich man doling out his money.
Blood has to circulate or gangrene sets in.
Politicians should not ban journalists.
The cell of the prisoner was very cold.
Do not bug leaders.
Mrs. Restivio laughs all the time.
A hornet gives a nasty sting.
The meat market sold rump roasts.