Camp Lantern Hat Craft


  • 1 battery operated tea light
  • 1 clear plastic shot glass
  • 1 lid from a Gatorade or similar wide mouth drink bottle
  • a nail or tack
  • small length of wire or plastic string
  • red paint and brushes
  • glue


  1. Use nail or tack to put two holes through the top of the lid
  2. paint the lid red
  3. paint the white parts of the top and sides of the tea light red being careful not to get paint on the “flame” part.
  4. Once the paint is dry, tie a loop of wire or plastic string though the holes to create a loop (so you can attach it to your hat later).
  5. Glue the shot glass upside down over the light of the tea light.
  6. glue the lid to the bottom of the tea light.