ReACTion is a meeting idea that National has put together partially in response to some of the negative media that has been surrounding us during and since the American Election.  The activities are designed to help girls find their voice on local and global issues.

The two stated goals are:

  • Girls will explore the fundamental idea that no one person is less important than another and that all individuals are entitled to feel that they belong, have a voice and have a place.
  • Girls will develop the confidence and become empowered to share their voice on topics or issues that are important to them.

No matter what the current news stories are, these goals are always needed and I’m sure many units will find the meeting activities useful.

I really like the image they have chosen for this meeting.  It repents the parts of our promise we make to ourselves, our beliefs, Canada and to take action for a better world.


International Women’s Day Instant Meeting

Girl Guides of Canada has release an instant meeting to celebrate International Women’s Day on or near March 8th.  This year’s theme is Women Writing History.  The instant meeting includes activities such as making a timeline of important moments in Women’s history, variations on What time is it Mr. Wolf and Octopus to teach girls about women’s history and activities to get the girls thinking about their own history.

Year Planning 101 – part 3

Instant meetings

Instant meetings are like lesson plans for a Guide Meeting.  If you are new to running Guide meetings they can be a great crutch until you get the hang of it.  If you are an old hand, they can give you fresh ideas.

From British Columbia

Bring a Friend
Cookies Rising: Crazy for Cookies
Cookies Rising: Playing With Cookies
Diversity Challenge (2 meetings)
Eco-Pak Challenge (2 meetings)
Forensic Fun
Give Peace a Chance
Just Basic Knots
Leave No Trace Amazing Race
Trail Signs
Twinning with Peru

From Saskatchewan

Communication Badge
Feeling Good Badge 
Guiding Zoo
What’s Important to you
Making Noise
Stay fit and Healthy
Getting Ready for Camp
Start Your Year Meeting
Chemistry Badge
Performing Arts
Thinking Day
Spy Time
First Aid Badge
Guide Law
Remembrance Day
Disability Awareness
Literacy Meeting

From Calgary Area – International

Instant Meeting – Lebanon
Instant Meeting – Ukraine
Instant Meeting – New Zealand
Instant Meeting – Afghanistan
Instant Meeting: Guyana

From E-patches & Crests

Becoming an Astronaut
Drama & Theater
Halloween Haunted House
Pet Care
Planet Protection
Summer Scavenger Hunt
Special Needs
Water Bottle Rockets


Arts Meeting
Arctic Nights
Engineer Badge Outline
You in Guiding: Understand the Promise and Law
Code of Conduct


BC Diversity Challenge

The BC Diversity Challenge “has been created to encourage girls and Guiders to explore the concept of diversity and what it means in the community where they live. ”

It is divided into four broad categories of diversity: Social-economic, Disability, Personal and Cultural

In addition to the challenge, the program team in British Columbia has also produced a series of Instant Meetings that cover the challenge material

Girl Empower Challenge

The Girl EmPower Challenge teaches Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders about healthy, equal, non-violent relationships. It’s age-appropriate activities will help diverse groups of girls be empowered to form healthy, equal relationships in their own lives by understanding the signs of unhealthy relationships, knowing what healthy relationships are and challenging violence and oppression.

This has been a challenge that I was hesitant to tackle.  Not because it isn’t an important topic but because it can be a sensitive one.

Adding to the resources available for this challenge is a new instant meeting to mark 16 Days of Action Against Gender-Based Violence.

You can find the challenge: HERE