Ship to Shore

This game is often played indoors in a gym but can be played outside if a play area is defined by pylons or other markers.  One girl is chosen as “it”.  She stands at one corner of the play area.  One wall is defined as the “bow” of the ship.  Facing that wall, the wall to the left is the “port” and the wall to the right is the “starboard”.  The wall behind is the “stern”.  Before the game the actions should be reviewed.

“It” has a choice to call out one of the four ship directions, or an action. If a direction is called, all the girls must run to that wall.  The last girl to arrive becomes the new it.  If an action is called then the last girl to perform the correct action becomes the new it.

Some possible actions include:

“Captain on Deck” – Everyone stands at attention
“Swab the Deck” – Everyone pretends to wash the floor
“Up periscope” – Everyone lies on their back and sticks one leg in the air
“Row, row, row the boat” – Find a partner and sit facing each other, holding hands.  Then they rock back and forth like they are rowing.
“Crow’s nest” – Everyone pretends to climb a ladder.


Pick it Up

In this game a table is covered in small object.  The players are divided into two small teams (2-3 per team is ideal).  Each round a clue is read and the first team to pick up the appropriate item wins a point.

For example: Cover a table in the contents of a first aid kit.  To make the game harder you can also add other items that don’t belong in a first aid kit.  Ask questions like,

This item is used to tie a sling (Triangular bandage)

This item is used to protect your hands while helping others (latex gloves)




The girls partner off and line up in two lines with one partner in each line.  The girls sit on the floor with their legs stretched out in front in a “v” so that their feet touch their partners.  Their should be a short gap between each pair of girls. Each pair of girls is assigned a number.

The caller can either be a leader or a girl who can not participate in the game.

The caller calls out a number.  That pair must get up and run though the legs of the other girls until the end of the line.  They run around the outside of the formation to the other end of the line.  Then they run though the remaining legs until they are back to their spot.  The girl who sits back in her spot first wins and point for her line.

Balloon Race

This game is played in partners.  Each partnership will need an inflated balloon. Each pair lines up a the start line back to back.  They must place the balloon between their backs and hold it there without using their hands.  On “Go” the teams must shuffle towards the finish line without dropping or breaking their balloon.  If they drop their balloon they must start the race again.  If they break their balloon you can have some spares so they can try again.

Prooi (Captured)


The Game leader cuts out as many little pieces of paper as there are players.  On one piece is written the word “Prooi”  All the others are left blank.  Papers are put in a container.


Girls draw papers.  The girl who has the marked paper becomes the “Prooi”.  The lights are put out and the girls move around in the dark.  The Prooi hides herself in one spot and doesn’t move again.  When the other players meet up, they ask “Prooi”?  All players who are not must answer “Prooi”.  When the real Prooi is touched and questioned, she gives no answer.  She takes the players who asked by the hand and they both stand together.  Each player who touches them joins in the silent group.  Finally the lights are turned on and a count is made to see if all the players have been caught.

Hide the Bell


A small bell


One player is chosen to be It and  all the other players scatter around the room.


It goes out of the room. One of the other players is chosen to hide the bell in her hands.

It returns to the room and moves between the players. All the other girls must stay still and quiet.  The bell holder tries to ring the bell without It seeing who it is.

It must guess who has the bell.  Play proceeds until  It guesses who has the bell, the bell ringer rings three times or It makes three unsuccessful guesses then a new It is chosen and the game is repeated.

Hide the Pencil


a pencil


All the girls but one leaves the room (or sit with their eyes covered).  The player remaining hides the pencil where it can be plainly seen.  The other players return and must search for the pencil.  When a player sees it, she goes and quietly sits down.  Game continues until all have seen the pencil and are seated.

The first to see the pencil becomes the one who hides it for the next game.