Hats Off


  • Newspaper
  • Paper cups
  • tape
  • tin foil
  • pipe cleaners
  • rubber bands
  • fabric scraps
  • coloured paper
  • etc.

Challenge: Make a hat for each member of your patrol and then write a short (2 min) skit in which all the hats play a roll.



Knitted Hats

The Fall 2015 edition of Canadian Guider Magazine include a great pattern for knitting a trefoil hat.  You can find it on page 27.  It is a pretty straightforward pattern, girls who have some experience knitting already could probably make it themselves.

For Brownie leaders I also came across this pattern for an Owl Hat.  It would make a cute addition to any winter Brownie camp or as a thank you gift.  You can even make matching gloves.