Halloween Party

This week was my unit’s Halloween party.  All the girls were invited to wear a costume instead of their uniform.

We started the night with patrol corners and a game of Jack-o-lantern Beetle.  This actually took longer then I thought because the girls were really into it and having so much fun.

Roll a Pumpkin

After horseshoe and announcements, the girls went back to patrol corners to play a Halloween themed game of charades.

Halloween Charades



Halloween Team Building

This week was our annual unit Halloween party.  All the girls were invited to wear a costume instead of their uniform.  The girls always enjoy seeing the leaders in costume too.  For activities we ran a round robin of co-operative, team building games.

  1. Stack the cups with an elastic and string
  2. Pass the can
  3. Find your way though a maze while blindfolded
  4. Collective Sheet Ball
  5. Alligator Alley 

All the games when over well but the maze game took slightly longer then the others to play.

After the games one of the leaders had some Halloween trivia for the girls.  When a girl answered the question right her patrol got to go and line up for some Halloween treats.  We ended the evening with a group photo shoot.

Dragon (Monster) Eggs

dragon eggs 2This craft takes a little time for the paint to dry so it might be a better choice for camp or an activity day.

To make dragon eggs you will need:

  • Eggs – either blown eggs or cardboard craft eggs.
  • toothpicks
  • paint and paint brushes – metallic are a good choice.  For monster eggs you might want glow in the dark paint.
  • Hot glue
  • Metallic spray paint.


  1. Prepare the eggs by putting a blob of hot glue in the larger hole of the blown egg and sticking the tooth pick in.  The tooth pick now acts as a handle while you paint your egg.
  2. Put some veins of hot glue down the egg
  3. Paint a base coat of pain on your eggs.  We found it took at least two coats to get a good base down.
  4. If you want, you can spray some metallic paint (we used silver sparkles) over your eggs.
  5. Paint your egg veins a contrasting colour
  6. Cut off the toothpick and place in a holder.  We painted Gateraid lids to act as holders.

Note: To make this craft easier for younger girls you can used coloured or sparkly hot glue and add the glue veins at the end.

This craft is inspired by this project from Instructables.

dragon eggs

Chills & Thrills Challenge

This is not a Girl Guides of Canada challenge but rather one from e-patches and crests.  It is, however, designed to be completed by Girl Guide units.  They sell challenge kits for $5 per kit.

It would be a good challenge to do around Halloween.  You can preview the kit here.  The sample included two stories about the history of Halloween, several recipes and a pumpkin word search.

The challenge kit and the crest is available from e-patches and crests.

Chocolate All the Way Down

For our Halloween party we did the Quebec Chocolate Challenge.  This was one of those meetings where I wish we had more then 1.5 hours.

Chocolate Facts

As the girls were coming into the meeting place I had them look around at the chocolate facts I’d taped up.

Chocolate Geography Game

We placed signs around the room with the names of the continents on them.  Then I took a chocolate bar and read out the primary ingredients.  For each ingredient the girls were suppose to move to the continent they thought it was most likely to come from (ie which country was the largest producer).

Chocolate – Africa, specifically Ivory Coast
Milk – New Zealand
Sugar – Brazil
Honey – China
Almonds – US

First place to eat Chocolate – Mexico (Mayans and then it spread south into the Aztecs)
Chocolate bar was made in – Switzerland
Chocolate bar will be eaten in – Canada

Chocolate Making

One of the units other Guiders has a set of old guiding chocolate molds.  She showed the girls how to make chocolates with them.  While they were waiting for them to cool, they also discussed the idea of chocolate as money.

Chocolate Tasting

I talked to the girls about how chocolate is made.  Then the girls tried 5 kinds of chocolate (1 white, 2 milk chocolate, 2 dark chocolate) and then they discussed which they liked best.

Chocolate Chip Archaeology

The girls chipped away at three types of chocolate chip cookies to compare the chocolate chips they contained.  The girls discussed whether it was better to have more chips or bigger chips.  Noted that even with the same brand some cookies has way more chips then others.

Chocolate cooking and nutrition

At the final station the girls discussed the nutrition of chocolate, appropriate portion size and how to use chocolate in cooking.


If you are looking for even more ways to use chocolate in program activities, check out the UK Guides Go For It – Chocolate