Lemon Roll


  • 1 lemons/team
  • 1 pencils/team

Ever tried to roll a lemon across the floor with the pointed end of a pencil?  Well this game gives everyone a chance to see how difficult it can be.  Form two (or more) teams with players lined up behind one another.  On the starting signal the first player of each team tries to push her lemon across the room and back with a pencil.  Then the second team member repeats the procedure and the relay game goes on until one complete team has finished to course.

If you have uneven teams, some players can go twice.


Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad is another game that can be adapted to many themes.  To play you need spots for the number of girls play minus 1 in a circle.  These spots can be chairs, circles made with string or drawn in the dirt etc.  All the girls stand on a spot except the one who is starting “in”.  The girls in the circle are all assigned a type of fruit for example apple, banana, pear, orange.  If the girl in the middle calls out a type of fruit all the girls with that type of fruit change places.  The girl in the middle tries to steal a spot.  She can also call “Fruit Salad”, in which case everyone must change places and she can steal a place.

This game can be used for any theme so long as you can have a set of individual names and a collective name.