Observing the Eclipse

Just a reminder that on Monday August 21st, 2017 there will be a eclipse of the sun visible throughout much of Canada and the United States.   Eclipse are an amazing and very accessible astronomical phenomenal but it is important to take precautions to protect your vision if you are going to observe a solar eclipse.   You may want to order something like this Eclipse View from RASC now so you are prepared for the summer.  Otherwise you may want to consider making a pin hole camera.  


2017 Eclipse

One event to look forward to in 2017 is a North American eclipse of the sun on August 21st.   The best view of the eclipse will be in the center of the US but many major Canadian cities will be able to see a partial eclipse.  Vancouver will have an especially good view.  To see what the eclipse may look like where you are you can check out this Tour of the “Great American Eclipse”.

In order to safely observe an eclipse directly you need either special eclipse glasses or No. 14 welder’s glass.  Another option is to observe the eclipse indirectly such as though a pin hole camera.  Here are some directions to make one.