Wizard of Oz Multi-branch Advancement

Not sure where I heard this idea but I loved it

Sparks Guiders make a rainbow of crepe paper on the ground and the advancing girls must jump over it to get to Brownies

Brownies follow a yellow brick road (made of yellow construction paper) to get to Guides.

Guides must gain entrance to the Emerald City (an arch covered in green crepe paper) to advance to Pathfinders.

Pathfinders were given little ruby slippers to take them to Rangers.

You could have music to accompany the steps and/or some Guiders dressed in costume to help set the scene.


Flight Themed Muli-branch advancement

I first saw this back when Brownies still “flew” up to Guides, but it can still be used today.

All Sparks have a caterpillar made of construction paper.  The first year sparks wave good-buy to the second year Sparks as they go behind a blanket. (The cocoon )  They are given butterfly wings to wear on their way to Brownies.

The Brownies had a plane made from a large cardboard box.  They all sat in it together while they few up to Guides.

The Guides built rocket ships out of bristle board for their third year girls and they blasted off to Pathfinders with a count down.

The Pathfinders used coloured Christmas lights to create a “transport pad” like you’d find in Star Trek and beamed themselves to Rangers.