Co-operative volley ball

This game is ideally played with a volley ball net and a beach ball.  If  you don’t have those, a rope tied at volley ball net height and a balloon will do.

All the girls stand on one side of the net.  One girl hits the ball up into the air.  She then goes to the other side of the net.  As the ball comes down, another girl hits it up before it hits the ground.  The second game follows the first girl to the other side of the net.  This continues until there is just one girl left on the starting side of the net.  She knocks the ball over the net and then play starts again.  Order does not matter but the girls may find the game is more successful if they pick a girl who is good at volley ball to anchor each side.


Tarp Flip

This is an easy team building game that can be played inside or out.  Flatten out a tarp (size depends on how many girls are playing).  Have all the girls step onto the tarp.  Now tell them they have to flip the tarp over without stepping off it.

Halloween Team Building

This week was our annual unit Halloween party.  All the girls were invited to wear a costume instead of their uniform.  The girls always enjoy seeing the leaders in costume too.  For activities we ran a round robin of co-operative, team building games.

  1. Stack the cups with an elastic and string
  2. Pass the can
  3. Find your way though a maze while blindfolded
  4. Collective Sheet Ball
  5. Alligator Alley 

All the games when over well but the maze game took slightly longer then the others to play.

After the games one of the leaders had some Halloween trivia for the girls.  When a girl answered the question right her patrol got to go and line up for some Halloween treats.  We ended the evening with a group photo shoot.

Pass the Can


  • 1 or more large cans
  • fill for the can (see below)

Set up:

Have the girls sit in a circle with their feet out in front of them.  If you are playing outdoors in the summer you can fill the can with water.  If getting wet is not ideal you can use popcorn or for indoors, packing peanuts.  You want the can to be a full as possible.  The aim is to pass the can around the circle from girl to girl, using nothing but their feet and legs.  If you have a large group you can start several cans at the same time in different places around the circle to keep more girls involved in the game.

Hoop race

For this game you need a hula hoop (possibly more then one).  All the girls stand in a circle with their hands held.  The hoop is hanging between two girls.  The goal is to have the hoop travel around the ring without letting go of hands.  You can either play this in one big circle and time the girls, then challenge them to do it faster.  Or you can play in patrols and see which patrol can do it fastest.

If you are going with one big circle you can have several hoops of different colours going around the circle at the same time.  This keeps more girls involved..

Balloon Race

This game is played in partners.  Each partnership will need an inflated balloon. Each pair lines up a the start line back to back.  They must place the balloon between their backs and hold it there without using their hands.  On “Go” the teams must shuffle towards the finish line without dropping or breaking their balloon.  If they drop their balloon they must start the race again.  If they break their balloon you can have some spares so they can try again.

It’s nice to be needed

It’s nice to be needed, and do you know why?
We must all depend on the other guy.
You can work by yourself right down to the bone,
But you certainly can’t get the job done alone.
If everyone realized this obvious fact
And elected right then to get into the act.
What a wonderful place this would would be
With me helping you and you helping me!