The Saskatchewan Challenge

The Saskatchewan Challenge is designed to “teach you things about Saskatchewan that not everyone may know, including those who live here. ”  It is composed of 4 different crests that can be earned either individually or as a group.  The challenge is divided into four sections:

Crests are available from Saskatchewan Provincial Office.


Guiding Mosaic Challenge 2016

Next summer Girl Guides of Canada will be holding a National camp for girls from all over the country in Alberta. Mosaic 2016 will be the 13th national camp since 1927. The Mosaic Challenge is designed to help girls prepare for the camp if they are going, to celebrate the camp, or to encourage the girls too young for this camp to think about going to the next one.

The challenge contains 9 parts:

  • Adventures in Recreation
  • Adventures in Creativity
  • Adventures in Sound & Motion
  • Adventures in Outdoor Skills
  • Adventures in Water
  • Adventures in Culture
  • Adventures in STEM
  • Adventures in Helping
  • Adventures in My Community

And to complete the challenge Sparks and Brownies must do one challenge from each section while Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers must do two.

Looking though the challenge many parts of it were things our unit was planning to do anyways but it still might be a bit of a tight fit to get it done by the end of the year and the challenge is only available until August 2016.

Body Paint Bath

If you are at a longer camp and want to make sure your girls get a good wash in at least once during camp, here is an idea to make it happen.

Mix a small amount of powdered tempera paint with liquid hand soap or dish soap.  Have the girls change into swim suits.  Put out a couple of different colours of body paints with sponges so they can decorate themselves with the paint.  (This is when you will want to have your camera out at a safe distance).  Be sure they decorate their arm pits.  Then put out some buckets of warm wash water and/or send them to the showers (if available).  Once they are no longer covered in colours you can be sure they are cleanish.

On Your Head

Another fun way to eat dinner at camp that my daughter learned at Camp Wyoka.

For each girl you need a card.  The cards should provide some sort of instructions to the other dinners. For example:

  • My mother doesn’t want me to play with my cutlery, try to steal my knife and fork when I’m not looking
  • When I stand up, applaud
  • When I laugh, sing “You’re beautiful” to me
  • If you catch me with my elbows on the table yell “Manners”

You will need a different card for each girl eating together (so you could reuse them if your unit is seated by patrol).

Before the meal, attach a card to each girls forehead without her seeing (either with tape or string).  This way she can’t see the card but all her dinning companions can.  Then have the girls follow the instructions around them as they eat.

Variation: instead of instructions you can put the name of a famous person on each persons forehead and they must ask their tablemates questions to figure out who it is.

Elaine Hodgson Memorial Lone Campership

Fundraising challenges aren’t that common in Canada but I hear they are a common source of funds for Guiding in the UK.  The 1st Canadian Internet Trefoil Guild is selling this crest to raise money for the Elaine Hodgson Memorial Lone Campership.  You can read more about Elaine Hodgson and why the 1st Canadian Internet Trefoil Guild decided to remember her in this manor by going to this post on North Owl’s Nest

Since the crest is a fundraiser, it is more expensive then most at $4 dollars each.  The challenge is optional and eccentric but that makes it rather endearing.

It is divided into three sections where the girls learn about Guiding and Lone Guides in particular, Camping and Bears and Elephants.  You can find all the details here.

Crests can be ordered by e-mail from the 1CITG.

Fun Ways to Eat Dinner at Camp

A recent Facebook discussion reminded me of many of these.

Monks Meal – All the girls must eat in silence.  A girl who talks looses a utensil or must perform a forfeit.

Jungle Meal – Send the girls on a scavenger hunt to find the ingredients for their meal before they can cook it.

Menu Meal – Girls are presented a menu of nonsense names. The correspond to a three course meal, the three utensils and possibly condiments.   Girls “order” food items from a menu and must attempt to eat whatever arrives with whatever they have.  The rest of the food can be served buffet style afterwards to ensure everyone gets a good meal.

Backwards Meal – Start with dessert and end with an appetizer.

Utensil Meal –  Before the meal each girl picks a random utensil either from a card or a basket.  Then they must eat their meal with whatever they got…spoons, spatulas, chopsticks etc.

Movable Feast – Each course is eaten in a different location.  This can be fun at a multi-unit camp or along a hike.