World Badge Dot-to-Dot

Dot-to-dots may not be especially challenging to all Guide age girls but it might make a nice bridging activity with Sparks.

World Badge Dot-to-Dot


Sing Off

This game might work better with older girls (Pathfinders or Rangers) unless your Guides sing a lot. It could also work well as a bridging game or as an ice breaker for Guiders.

Divide the players into two teams.

Provide a single word or idea (examples: fire, the name of a flower, friend, peace etc)

Each team has 5 minutes to brainstorm a list of Guide songs they know that contain that word or idea.

After the 5 minutes each team takes turns singing a song from their list. They don’t have to sing the whole song but they must sing at least one verse and it must be the one with the word or idea in it.

A team can not repeat a song that has already been sung, even if they had it on their list.  They can add additional songs to the list if they think of them during the singing.

The team that runs out of songs first looses the round.

Giant Bubbles

This would be a great bridging activity between different branches.  I could easily see Guides or Pathfinders making the giant bubble wands and then helping Sparks or Brownies make the bubbles.   I’ve seen instructions for giant bubbles before but most required weird materials, this looks very straight forward.

Welcome to Girl Guides

I often find that by the time a girl is ready to fly up to Guides she is really really ready to be done with Brownies.  The same is true about Guides advancing to Pathfinders.  Some times this can cause doubt about whether or not they want to continue.  I know this was true for my own daughter.  I countered this by buying her a copy of the Guide Program book.  Soon she was looking at all the cool new badges and picking out ones she wanted to work on.  For advancement this year I wrote the following letter to the advancing Brownies and their parents to help encourage them to give Guides a try.

Dear Advancing Brownies and Parents,

Welcome to Girl Guides!

To give you an idea of what being in Guides is like, we thought we’d share some of what we did this past year:

  • We visited a fire hall to learn about fire safety.
  • We completed the 2014 Sing Ontario Sing challenge and the NEDIC Love Yourself challenge.
  • We had a sleep over at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum to work on our Aviation badge.
  • We participated in 2 spring cookie blitzes for Cookie Day in Ontario and sold mint cookies in the subway station.
  • We had a evening of skating and marshmallow roasting.
  • We went on a hike to complete our Outdoors in the City badge.
  • We made toys for shelter animals and donated socks to Out of the Cold.
  • We attended a Engineering badge day.
  • And of course we sang songs, performed skits, made crafts, ate snacks, earned badges and played games.

Before we finish up this spring we will be going to the Provincial Rally and to our Spring Camp.
We are sure to have just as much fun and many adventures next year. If you are planning on joining us and you have not yet registered, we encourage you to do so soon as our unit will very likely reach capacity. We look forward to getting to know you next fall. If you have any questions over the summer, please e-mail us.

Branches Relay

Here is an easy relay that is part of Learn About Guiding.

Before the meeting you will want to print one copy for each patrol and cut them up.  I choose to print them on card stock, but you could also print on normal paper and then mount them on bristle board.


We had the girls lined up in patrols at one end of the gym and placed the pieces face down at the other end.

Each patrol could send one girl at a time to the scattered cards.  They had to try and find one their patrol didn’t yet have and return with it.  If they already had it, the girl who brought it would have to run it back and try again.  Otherwise the girls waiting for their turn to run, would sort the pieces by branch.   First patrol to get all the correct pieces sorted won.

Our girls had so much fun they requested to play again.