Other Alternatives to a Secret Santa

Last week I posted about a Date with a Book as an alternative to a Secret Santa exchange.  Here are some other ideas from the same Facebook thread:

  1. If allergies are not a problem then a traditional cookie exchange can be fun.  Have each girl bring in a couple dozen cookies and then they get to make up a plate with some of what everyone brought in so they can take home an assortment.
  2. Sock exchange:  Everyone buys one pair of socks to exchange with another girl.  This can be turned into a small service project but asking girls to bring in a second pair of adult socks for a homeless program.
  3. Crafts: You can make a holiday craft but tell the girls in advance they are making their craft for their secret friend.
  4. Holiday cards: Again these can be made in the meeting
  5. Poems: Have each girl write a short poem with positive statements about her secret friend.
  6. Book Exchange: I imagine this would run similar to the ones from Words in Action.  Have each girl bring in two books they are finished with.  They pick out one they haven’t read to take home and the rest are donated.
  7. Stuff Exchange: similar to the book exchange but for DVDs, toys etc.

Accessible Buildings

Discover Your Community #4 asks girls to evaluate the accessibility of a public building or your meeting place.  I tried to find a good check list on line but I found the ones available were far too detailed and used a lot of language I’m sure most Guide age girls would struggle with.  So I made my own list.  If you’d like a copy you can get it from my Drop Box.  I created this for girls in my unit to do it on their own but it would also be fun to split up in patrols and have each patrol look at a different building.

Fighting Blindness Challenge

This challenge was created by the UK crest maker Badge Freaks.  The badge package is available for free download and they sell the crests for £1.00 each.  A quarter of the sale price of the crests goes to a UK charity that supports research and families affected by Retinitis pigmentosa.

The badge package can be downloaded here.  It contains information and activities on blindness, accessibility, colour blindness, and aids such as braille or seeing eye dogs.