Stamped Shirts

My unit made these shirts as part of the Mighty Minds challenge but they would work for other topics too.


  • 1 white shirt for each girl
  • 1 -6 bottles of fabric paint
  • wax paper
  • foam letters
  • tart tins to hold the paint
  • paint brushes
  • plastic table clothes to cover work area (optional)

I bought mine though and they offer a good price but if you have a smaller unit you might want to check the price in local stores as shipping costs may make the shirts too expensive.  I choose to go with all XL youth which will be dress sized for some of my Guides but will fit everyone. The foam letters were in the toy section of Dollarama.  I suspect they were intended for teaching toddlers the alphabet but they were a good size and had a little texture to them so they held the paint well.


Slip a piece of wax paper inside each shirt.  This will prevent the paint from leaching though.  If a girl wants to paint a message on a sleeve you might need additional wax paper.  Give the girls a little time to think about what they want to write on their shirt and to gather their letters.  The girls can dip or paint the fabric paint on to the wrong side of their letter and then stamp it onto the shirt.  Some of the girls choose to add a little bit of splatter paint to the shirts once the message was in place.  Let dry for 12 plus hours.


Blind Date with a Book

There was recently a great discussion on Facebook about alternatives to Secret Santa at the holiday times.  This can be especially important if you have girls in your unit who don’t celebrate Christmas or who come from economically disadvantaged families.  Even if this is not the case, one friend of mine’s daughter was in 5 or 6 Secret Santas between school and club etc.

Blind Date with a Book

Each girl picks out a book they have read but are now done with.   They wrap it in plan paper or newsprint.  On the outside they write a short summery.  Ideally they do this in a way that says something about the book without giving away what the book is.  Girls can pick a book they like the looks of based on the description on the outside.  Hopefully everyone leaves with a book they haven’t read yet.

This could also make a great Valentine’s Day meeting

WAGGGS 16 Days of Activism Instant Meeting 2017

25 of November – 10 of December are the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence.  This year WAGGGS is collecting images of where girls feel unsafe for use in their advocacy work.  To this end they have created an instant meeting called the Safe Spaces Sketch Session.

WAGGGS recommends that before you hold your Safe Spaces Sketch Session, you review your organisation’s child safety policies and know the correct procedures to follow in the case that a child chooses to disclose an incident of abuse during the session. In Canada those polices are found here: Girl Protection and Self- Harm

If you are looking for a different way to mark the look at Girl Empower Challenge

New Girl Kits

This is a recruitment idea I stumbled across from the Australian Guides and would be great if you are holding a bring a friend night, a try now pay later or having an interested family just checking out a meeting.

In the girls kit:

  • welcome letter
  • a crest for their camp blanket
  • Girl Guide pencil
  • Notebook with a Girl Guide sticker on it (covering up any other logo)
  • A Girl Guide balloon

Promotional material are available from your provincial office and what is available and how you access it varies from province to province.  You could easily substitute a bookmark, nail art or Thinga-ma-jig.

The original post suggests having a separate pack for the parents.  For these I’d suggest you include a promotional pamphlet,  letter explaining registration and an H1 form.

Fire Camp

A Camp for Girl Guides

Theme:  This camp is based on the element Fire.  It was largely based on the BC Camps to Go: Guiding Elements Fire and their .  For this camp cooking is a core part of the program and it is a great choice if your girls don’t have a lot of experience doing outdoor cooking because you can make room in the program to take your time with the food.

Guide Program Work:  This camp was designed to allow girls to work on their Outdoor Cooking badge and Basic Camper emblem.

Patrols: Patrols could be named after different types of wood or types of fires.


  1. Make a fire starter
  2. waterproof matches (from the Fire instant meeting)
  3. buddy burners and Tin Can Stoves
  4. Practice Lighting matches/jar over candle what do fires need (from BC Girl Guides Fire Camp)
  5. Light a camp stove/ camp stove safety
  6. Woodpiles
  7. fire safety
  8. fire drama activity (also from the Fire instant meeting)





Campfire Openings