Campfire Opening and Gathering Songs Mini-book

Much like the Opening and Closing Mini-book I made last year, this book contains the words to common campfire openings and gathering songs.  I love campfire openings and there are a great wealth of fantastic ones.  Sadly, if left to their own devices, my Guides will pick Fire’s Burning every week.  It isn’t that I don’t like Fire’s Burning, I’m just in favour of mixing it up a bit.  Hopefully, this booklet will in courage them to pick something else.

Campfire Openings mini-book


The Twelve Days of Guide Camp

The Twelve Days of Guide Camp

(to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”)

On the first day of Guide camp my Leader said to me…

“Be careful of poison ivy.”

On the second day of Guide camp my Leader said to me..

“Clean out the lats and be careful of poison ivy.” etc etc…

3rd day “Don’t chew gum” 4th “Don’t throw up!” 5th “Where’s your hat?” 6th “Time for inspection.” 7th “Take out the garbage.” 8th “Eat your oatmeal.” 9th “Where’s my repellant?” 10th “Drop that snake.” 11th “Not another seance.” 12th “Where are your parents?”

Sister in Guiding

I haven’t met you personally,
But one glance confirms a friend I see;
For behind the trefoil and the smiles,
Lies strong ideals linking hearts and minds,
That banish time and miles.

You are my sister in Guiding,
You’re a friend I can confide in,
No matter if you’re a diff’rent race,
Young or old, from some far place,
As sisters in Guiding we share a secret drive,
To make this world a better place in which to be alive.

From around the world we throng,
Eight million people can’t be wrong,
Guides are found in many lands,
You’re never far from a friendly smile
And willing, lending hands.

So we travel on together
Through the bright and stormy weather,
Striding forth in work and game,
We are joined by the Guiding spirit,
The world is ne’er the same.

tune from e-guide

Outdated Songs

It was recently pointed out to me how many songs I have rattling around inside my brain.  I’m a great team mate in a game of Encore.  This lead me to think about all the songs I know that I wouldn’t teach my Guide unit any more for one reason or another.  For example, Girl Guides of Canada updated their Laws in 1994 but I can still cheerfully sing you the old Guide Law song I learned as a girl (and yet I can not get the new one to stick).  I know other songs that are too “churchy” for our diverse and inclusive unit.  Of these my favorite is probably the Breton Fisherman’s Vesper or some of the camp graces like Johnny Appleseed.  There are others that I’ve set aside because they use terms which would no longer be considered appropriate (and perhaps never were.)

Are there songs you no longer sing?  Or perhaps you still sing them when you are home doing the dishes but don’t teach them to the girls in your unit? Are there songs you unit should probably retire but you haven’t yet for one reason or another?

Sing It Loud

It can be hard to find good resources for learning new songs.  Girl Guides use to publish a number of song books and you can still find them in the back of unit cupboards or at Guider swaps.  I gather that the cost of the publishing rights has gotten too high though.

National recently released a pdf called Sing it Loud! A Girl Guides Song Collection.  It is a collection of song lyrics for Girl Guide units.  While this doesn’t help you to learn the tune in the first place, it may remind you of the words to a song you learned years ago.  Or give you a starting place to ask a music trainer to teach you a song.  I know a lot of Girl Guide songs but I am unfamiliar with many of the songs in this collection.  Just goes to show how many songs we sing around campfires across the country.