The Kindness Rocks Project

The Kindness Rocks Project is a art/service project that would fit right if your unit has been working on challenges like Be You or Mighty Minds.  It is also a really simple and lovely idea.  Take rocks, paint them and write inspiring messages on them.  Then place them back outside where someone who needs to hear that message might come across them.

The project organizers ask that you Instagram photos of your rocks once you have completed them with the haste tag #TheKindnessRocksProject so that you may inspire other people to join the project.


Action on Poverty Meeting

This week we worked on the National Service Project: Action on Poverty

For a month leading up to this meeting, we’ve been sending home requests for donations of small toiletries and items such as gloves and socks.  Several of the Guiders hosted parties while we were gathering donations and suggested our guests bring a donation rather then a hostess gift.  We received some very generous donations.

We started the meeting with a guest speaker from an organization that works with under housed and at risk women in the Toronto area.  She spoke to girls about the work her organization does and the clients they work with.

Then the girls assembled make a difference bags from the donations.  We used clear ziplock bags to hold the items but decorated them with stickers.

We ended the meeting with the Factors Leading To Poverty activity from the Action on Poverty Instant meeting.  The activity was well received by the girls and lead to some thoughtful discussion.

Valentines for Vets

Valentines for Vets is a service project to make valentines for Veterans.  Like Postcards for Peace this is run though Veterans Affairs Canada.

This is a great excuse to clean out the craft cupboard.  Let the girls show their creativity. Veterans Affairs Canada provides some good tips for writing appropriate messages in the valentines. After your valentines are complete you mail them in one envelope to Veterans Affairs Canada for distribution at:

Valentines for Vets
Veterans Affairs Canada
Commemoration, Distribution Unit
125 Maple Hills Ave.
Charlottetown, PE C1C 0B6

Grand Prairie Literacy Challenge

The Grand Prairie Literacy challenge was developed by the Grand Prairie Area in Manitoba.  It is quite an extensive challenge that would take many weeks to complete.

It is divide into 6 sections:

  • Just Read – challenges girls to read a set number of books based on their branch
  • World of Reading – Encourages girls to explore different types of reading
  • Celebrate Reading – Have fun with stories and
  • Awareness – learn about illiteracy and the importance of reading
  • Service Project – A list of book related service projects
  • Adult Challenges – encourage Guiders to form book clubs with their Guiding friends.

There is a large appendix of additional material to help you run the challenge including  an instant meeting based around “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss and hand outs for reading logs, book reports etc.

Crests are available directly from Grand Prairie Area headquarters.

The themes in this challenge pair very nicely with Words in Action National Service Project.

Fighting Blindness Challenge

This challenge was created by the UK crest maker Badge Freaks.  The badge package is available for free download and they sell the crests for £1.00 each.  A quarter of the sale price of the crests goes to a UK charity that supports research and families affected by Retinitis pigmentosa.

The badge package can be downloaded here.  It contains information and activities on blindness, accessibility, colour blindness, and aids such as braille or seeing eye dogs.


Monashee Area Heart to Heart Challenge

This is another challenge from the Monashee Area in British Columbia.  The Heart to Heart Challenge is about getting out into the community and interact with the public.  There are six sections each of which have their own crest.

  • Help Our Guiding Sisters
  • Caring Community Service
  • Protect Our Environment
  • Helping Hands
  • Trash Clean Up
  • Reduce Hunger

Even if you aren’t interested in completing the challenge, it is a great list of ideas for ways to get out of our meeting rooms and into the community.