Programming Robotics


Won’t Work

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
― Thomas A. Edison (disputed)

Camp Magic

Camp Magic burns with the pattern of fire
Some years it burns like a bonfire
Stoked with fuel that’s aged and ready
And some years the flames die down
Because the fuel burns away
Down to the last ember
Its time spent – until so few flames are left
That their tiny blue presence is hard to detect
But the essence is there
It takes new fuel to rebuild a fire
And new staff is fuel
Too full of outside life, to blaze life fuel from the past
The new fuel needs time to dry itself out
Of all the world’s bigotry, hatred, negativity
But once it’s on the fire for awhile
Its dampness dissipates
And the new fuel begins to blaze
Different than before, but just as brilliant
The trick is to add the new fuel as the fire burns
Not to wait to rebuild from ashes
The fire will never remain the same
And some years it will burn more
Brightly than other
But all the essence will still be contained
In the bed of ashes underneath
Just like the Indians, at the end of every year
One small ember in a protective green leaf
And put it in a safe place in our hearts
That way next year all we have to do
Is find some teeny tiny tinder and put it
On out cherished ember and blow

Jamie Moe