World Space Week

The first Make a Difference Day for 2017-18 is World Space Week – October 4-10th. National has released an instant meeting to help you mark this STEM based week.    I do a lot of space activities already with my Guides so many of these ideas I’ve seen before but I’m glad to see them being promoted.  I am quite interested in the Life on a Space Station activity though.

If you want some alternative ideas, check out the Meeting in a Box: Space from Quebec.  I like the active Solar System game.  I think the girls would have a lot of fun with it.

Science Out of the Box

Science Out of the Box is a new resource from the always excellent BC Program Committee that replaces their old Science in a Box Program. The new resource contains 72 pages of science activities for Sparks – Pathfinders.  All the activities can be completed with materials available from local stores. If you are looking to complete any of the STEM badges with your unit, this resource will have ideas for you.  The index is divided into:

  • Applied Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Earth Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Forensic Science
  • Physics

And there is an extensive appendix at the end showing the program connections for all four branches.

International Day of the Girl 2016

International Day of the Girl (IDG) is an opportunity to bring global focus to girls’ rights, the challenges that girls face in their everyday lives and to empower girls to make a positive difference in the world. This year GGC is focusing on inspiring girls and young women to explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and the opportunities that exist within these fields.

This year’s instant meeting has a opening and closing activity and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities.  Units are expected to do at least one activity from each section.

Make a Bouncy Ball

For each girl you will need:

  • two small cups
  • 1 tablespoon of borax
  • 1 tablespoon of cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon of white glue
  • 3-4 drops of food colouring
  • two popsicle sticks
  • a small plastic bag
  • warm water
  1. In the first cup measure two tablespoons of warm water.  Add one tablespoon of borax. Stir with a popsicle stick until their are no lumps.
  2. In the second cup measure 1 tablespoon of cornstarch, 1 tablespoon of glue and the food colouring.  Stir wiht a popsicle stick until smooth.
  3. Pour the borax solution into the glue solution.  Stir with the stick and then roll the resulting polymer around the stick.  There will still be liquid in the cup.
  4. Remove the polymer from the stick and roll in your hands until round.   If it is still sticky, roll it in a little more cornstarch.
  5. Now you have your bouncy ball.
  6. Store in a ziplock baggy to keep it from drying out.