Fingerprint Doodles

Fingerprint doodles is an easy and fun craft project.


  • white paper (we used blank cards)
  • paint or ink
  • fine black pens


  1. Have the girls make a series of finger prints on the paper.  We did this by colouring the pad of their finger with a fresh marker and then having them stamp the page.  You can also use an ink pad or light paint.
  2. After the fingerprint is dry, they should uses their imagination to add lines to the fingerprint to turn it into an object, animal or creature.

Fingerprint Monster Doodles: Fun Activity For Kids


Finding North without a Compass

This article from wikihow nicely illustrates how several methods for finding north if you are without a compass (or materials to make one).  It is best to have several tricks up your sleeve as they are often dependent on factors like the sun or stars.  Some of the ideas covered include:

Stick Method

Put a stick into the ground and mark the end of the shadow with a pebble.  Wait 15 min and mark the new end of the shadow.  Stand with one foot on each pebble and the stick behind you.  You’ll now be facing north.


The star Polaris (or North Star) is approximately north and is visible throughout the Northern Hemisphere.  Find Polaris and then draw a mental line straight down to the horizon.

Observe Nature

Moss often (but not always) grows on the north side of trees where it is the most shaded.