Bring a Book – Online Meeting Idea

This is an idea for an online meeting (although it would also work in person)… before the meeting, ask each girl to pick out a favourite book to introduce to the other girls in her unit.  The book can be fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel, biography or whatever else she wants.


I met a Dragon

Introduce your Book

Give each girl a few minutes to tell what book she brought and why she picked it.

Bring Your Own Book

This is a game based on the card game Bring Your Own Book The game leader reads a prompt and all the players have 1 or 2 minutes to find a word or phrase in their own book to match the prompt. Depending on the size of your group, the players can take turns being the judge (the judge does not play that round) or everyone can vote on the best answer. The best answer can be either the most appropriate or the funniest.

Example prompts:

  • Something heard at camp after midnight
  • A new Guide law
  • A weird thing to pack for a hike
  • Something a Guider might say after a meeting
  • The name of a campfire song
  • A new Guide badge
  • A skill you didn’t expect to learn in Guides
  • Your camp name
  • etc.


Spring has Sprung at Home Meeting

Spring has definitely started to show itself here in Toronto. I do recognize that in the North you may have to wait a little longer to say that. Since we can still go outside for walks and practice good social distancing this week’s at home meeting features activities to get the girls out and experiencing nature.


Watch these two short videos by renowned nature artist Robert Bateman on some techniques for how to sketch in nature.


This week’s activities lets the Pathfinders and Rangers take a look at spring from some different angles.  Each activity needs to be done on a walk but can be done on one longer journey or several shorter ones.  All four activities can be found on the Girls First platform under Natural Discoveries

Spring has Sprung


Self Care and Support at Home Meeting

I don’t know about you but I’ve found the last week and a half pretty stressful. I figured my Pathfinders and Rangers probably have too. This weeks My Might Minds at home meeting is intended to address that. This covers the Pathfinder and Ranger Stations of Support activity plus a couple of unit’s own. Guides have a very similar activity but they should likely make something like Stress Balls instead of Mental Health First Aid kit and the Saskatewan self care challenge is really intended for older members.


My social anxiety’s reaction to events being canceled vs. my anxiety’s by Assigned Male Comics


The main meeting pack contains four activities two about self care and two about supporting others.  Pathfinders and Rangers are encouraged to share their thoughts and/or results with the unit.

Self Care and Support

Now that you’ve tried out a few types of self care, develope a regular practice of it by following the instructions in the

Saskatewan Self Care Challenge


Aquatic Ambassador at Home Meeting

Many of my Pathfinders and Rangers had planned with their families to be somewhere south this week by an ocean.  These plans have been disrupted by the Corvid-19 crisis but I still thought the Ocean might make a good theme for our first at home meeting.  The platform cross lists these activities for Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers so this meeting would be suitable for any of those branches.  My Pathfinders and Rangers have Discord server for sharing their results/thoughts but any social media would work.  Or perhaps they could send them by e-mail to a Guider who could consolidate them into a mailer for the next week.


Explore the creatures that live in the ocean with this interactive.  What is your favorite sea creature? Would you want to travel to deep ocean if you had the chance?


Aquatic Ambassador at home challenge

I tried to pick activities that would only use items the girls would typically have at home but Amazing Aquaponics would be a solid alternative to Coral Chemistry if basic gardening supplies are more accessible in the home.


Shark! – from Lunarbaboon Comics

At the Fair

The past two weeks my Guides have been finishing up their Design Space badge.  Most of the effort has focused on the Mini-Midway Makers activity, which was selected by the girls working on their Lady BP award as a meeting they wanted to run.  The girls families saved up recycled materials for a week to bring in.  Then the girls divided up the duties of running the meeting.  This included a discussion about who had the loudest voice to make announcements etc.  Due to some time constraints the girls made their Midway games one week and tested them at the next meeting.

The second meeting happened to be a Bring a Parent meeting so the parents helped out testing the games.  Many of the parents commented at how impressed they were with what their girls had made out of the pile of recyclables the parents had helped collect the week before.

We followed testing the midway games by designing and making fidget spinners with a kit we’d bought from a fundraiser run by a travel unit.  I was a little worried about this as the fidget spinner fad has definitely faded but the girls really enjoyed the activity.  And out of the 27 spinners made, not one looked like the others.  There were some really innovative designs tried out which was great to see. It was also fun to see the girls pooling ideas on how to ensure their fidget spinners were symmetrical.

Deliver Your Dreams

This week my Guides worked on the new Deliver Your Dream activity on the Girls First platform. This is Girl Guides of Canada’s contribution to Women Deliver 2019 Mobilization Canada

Since we’ve had a couple of meetings in a row that involved giving them girls a blank piece of white paper and telling them to fill it with something, we opted instead to go more colourful and got out some scrapbooking supplies.  It was great fun to see what the girls came up with and the girls in our unit are certainly interested in pursuing a wide variety of careers.  I opted to photograph each of the girls work so they could take them home and then I submitted them to the Add Your Voice page.  But mailing the originals is also an option for those in parts of the country where data is more dear.

We finished the meeting with a couple of rounds of Stand With Me.  It took a few turns to get the girls on track with this activity (not to be silly) but once they got going they voiced a lot of their opinions.

What My Guides Think About Girls First

At this week’s meeting we gave our Guides a chance to voice their opinions on how they thought the transition to Girls First was going so far.  As a unit we’ve completed 4 Girls First theme badges, so I thought it was a good time to get feedback from the Guides.  We started the meeting by discussion how the girls were enjoying the year so far.  What meetings had they liked/not liked as much?  What did they think of the Girls First program so far?  By far the biggest feedback we got from the girls was that they were unhappy at the lack of structured interest badges in the new program.  For the most part the girls in our unit are not huge badge doers, but over the course of the year many (but not all) girls completed one or two badges each on their own or with their families.

After the discussion the girls broke up into pairs or worked independently on letters to the Girls First team, which I will be mailing to the National Office.  Here are some quotes from the letters (I tried to fix their spelling for easier reading):

What I don’t like about the new program is that you can’t get a book for the badges to look at and choose a badge to do…  I find it’s easier to look at a book rather than have to go online because that takes more time.

I like doing the badges at Girl Guides but I think there should be both! I love doing things at home with my family and at Guides.

Interest badges keep the fun and uniqueness alive on your sash. I believe that if you take away interest badges then everyone’s sash will be the same and you could switch your sash with your friends and no one would notice (not even YOU!).

We do not really care if you take away the interest badges because we do not really do interest badges.  We really like when we are building things because it is really fun and exciting.  We don’t like going to the circle and talking about things.

I also don’t like that since I’m a second year it’s hard to keep track of the two different types of badges.

We believe that you should keep the interest badges from the old program and make them a part of the new Girls First program.

Interest badges is what our mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers have grown up with!  Help us save the tradition!