Girls First Equivalencies

If you are looking for more information on the new program, I highly recommend you start with this document:  A Guide to the Girl Program If you still have questions it is likely that the Girls First Champions are your best resource.

They have also release equivalency charts for each branch.  These chart require a little guess work by the Guiders to figure out where their current girls will sit in the new program.  But they should still give you a good idea.

I’ve used the equivalency charts to add new tags to many of my posts so that you can look up ideas based on the new program.  Some guess work was involved so I will likely update the tags again sometime in the fall.


Guides’ Own Planner

I have found that Guides’ Own can be a hard concept to explain to someone who hasn’t participated in one.  And it can be hard to understand how to put one together.  I developed this planning guide to help my Guides (and Rangers) put together a Guides’ Own.


Guides’ Own Planner

Girls First, Coming in September

Plans for the new Girls First program are steaming ahead.  My Guide unit was a test unit.  The feedback we got from the girls on the test meetings was very positive and it has made me really excited to see the complete program.  The Girls First Champions have completed their training and hopefully Canadian units will hear from their champions soon.

For anyone who hasn’t been keeping up on all the latest I’d recommend checking out the Girls First website.  Or you can look a these highlights

Hand Signals

I was looking for something else in an online copy of Scouting for Boys, when I came across a section on hand signals that would be familar to most modern Guiders:

Hand or Flag held straight up over head, means “Stop”, “Halt”

The book also included several other hand signals which some modern units might find useful:

Hand or flag held high and waved very slowly from side to side, at full extent of the arm means “Close in”, “Rally”, “Come here”

Hand or flag held high and waved very slowly from side to side at full extent of arm means “Extend”, “Go farther out”, “Scatter”.

Hand waved several times across the face from side to side, or flag waved horizontally from side to side opposite the face means “No”, “Never mind”, “As you were”

When a leader is shouting an order or message to a Scout who is some way off, the Scout, if he hears what is being said, should hold his hand level with his head all the time, If he cannot hear, he should stand still making no sign.  The leader will then repeat louder or beckon to the Scout to come nearer.

The first three could easily be practiced as a running game.

New Girl Kits

This is a recruitment idea I stumbled across from the Australian Guides and would be great if you are holding a bring a friend night, a try now pay later or having an interested family just checking out a meeting.

In the girls kit:

  • welcome letter
  • a crest for their camp blanket
  • Girl Guide pencil
  • Notebook with a Girl Guide sticker on it (covering up any other logo)
  • A Girl Guide balloon

Promotional material are available from your provincial office and what is available and how you access it varies from province to province.  You could easily substitute a bookmark, nail art or Thinga-ma-jig.

The original post suggests having a separate pack for the parents.  For these I’d suggest you include a promotional pamphlet,  letter explaining registration and an H1 form.