New Girl Kits

This is a recruitment idea I stumbled across from the Australian Guides and would be great if you are holding a bring a friend night, a try now pay later or having an interested family just checking out a meeting.

In the girls kit:

  • welcome letter
  • a crest for their camp blanket
  • Girl Guide pencil
  • Notebook with a Girl Guide sticker on it (covering up any other logo)
  • A Girl Guide balloon

Promotional material are available from your provincial office and what is available and how you access it varies from province to province.  You could easily substitute a bookmark, nail art or Thinga-ma-jig.

The original post suggests having a separate pack for the parents.  For these I’d suggest you include a promotional pamphlet,  letter explaining registration and an H1 form.


Post It Note Feedback

This can be used to evaluate your whole Guiding year or adapted to evaluate different parts of a camp or other event.


  • Signs with major meetings and events throughout the year
  • post-it notes. At least one per sign per girl
  • pens or pencils


  1. Review your year and make signs.  I included all the camps or outing we went on as well special meetings from thought the year.  I also included a couple of key words to help the girls remember the meeting.
  2. Post the signs around the room.
  3. Hand out a stack of post it notes to each girl.
  4. Let the girls wonder around and write feedback on each event.  If they weren’t at an event they can just skip over it.
  5. Gather up all the post its and review the feedback.

Facebook as a Guiding tool

One of my co-Guiders complemented me on the meeting plan and asked “Where did you get this idea”.  “From Facebook, like most of my best ideas!” I responded.  And I was only half joking.

I belong to several active Guiding Facebook groups and the ideas and sisterhood I get from them are often the best part of a visit to the Facebook website.  I belong to Unofficial groups for Guiders at the National and Ontario level as well as group for my Community.  There are less active but still valuable groups for Guide Leaders, Camp Themes, Program Ideas and Buy, Sell or Trade.  I’m also a member of of the UK based Girlguiding Challenges group.  All of these groups feed me ideas of things I can do with my Guides.  Sometime I end up squirreling the ideas away for years before I find the right moment to use them.

Most of the time the community on Facebook can also be a great source of sisterhood.  Guiders who don’t know how to deal with a situation often find good advice or at least a sympathetic ear.  Hardworking moderators do their best to keep any drama to a minimum.  I appreciate that a lot.  Good online communities are often built on good moderation.

The down side to Facebook is that the search feature works less well then I’d like.  It can be hard to find that post you read days or weeks ago let alone something you read last year.  That is why I choose to record so many of my ideas in a blog that is easier to search and link to.

Nova Scotia International Women’s Day Challenge

 The Nova Scotia International Women’s Day Challenge is a challenge for Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers.  The “challenge is designed to raise awareness of issues affecting girls and women in every community. By exploring individual, community, national, and global issues”

The challenge is divided into the following sections:

  • Considering Myself
  • In My Community
  • Thinking Nationally
  • A Global Perspective

There is a mandatory challenge in each section and additional challenges that can be competed.  So you could easily do this challenge over the course of several meetings or a weekend camp.

Empowering girls – today and always

It seems like a good day to revisit these words, first posted last November


Over the past two days, there has been an incredible shift in the conversation about female role models and females in the lead – a conversation that has shifted from one of hope to one of despair.

As the CEO of Girl Guides of Canada–Guides du Canada (GGC), I want to bring our members – our Guiders, our parents, and most importantly our girls – a message of positivity and confidence in the future.  I am incredibly proud to belong to an organization that has withstood the test of time in putting girls first.

Today I want to encourage all of you to be more resilient than ever –  and more determined to make a difference in the lives of young girls and women. It is even more important today than it was yesterday to create opportunities for young girls and women to be empowered. Whether you are aspiring to the…

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ReACTion is a meeting idea that National has put together partially in response to some of the negative media that has been surrounding us during and since the American Election.  The activities are designed to help girls find their voice on local and global issues.

The two stated goals are:

  • Girls will explore the fundamental idea that no one person is less important than another and that all individuals are entitled to feel that they belong, have a voice and have a place.
  • Girls will develop the confidence and become empowered to share their voice on topics or issues that are important to them.

No matter what the current news stories are, these goals are always needed and I’m sure many units will find the meeting activities useful.

I really like the image they have chosen for this meeting.  It repents the parts of our promise we make to ourselves, our beliefs, Canada and to take action for a better world.