WAGGGS 16 Days of Activism Instant Meeting 2017

25 of November – 10 of December are the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence.  This year WAGGGS is collecting images of where girls feel unsafe for use in their advocacy work.  To this end they have created an instant meeting called the Safe Spaces Sketch Session.

WAGGGS recommends that before you hold your Safe Spaces Sketch Session, you review your organisation’s child safety policies and know the correct procedures to follow in the case that a child chooses to disclose an incident of abuse during the session. In Canada those polices are found here: Girl Protection and Self- Harm

If you are looking for a different way to mark the look at Girl Empower Challenge


2017 Eclipse

One event to look forward to in 2017 is a North American eclipse of the sun on August 21st.   The best view of the eclipse will be in the center of the US but many major Canadian cities will be able to see a partial eclipse.  Vancouver will have an especially good view.  To see what the eclipse may look like where you are you can check out this Tour of the “Great American Eclipse”.

In order to safely observe an eclipse directly you need either special eclipse glasses or No. 14 welder’s glass.  Another option is to observe the eclipse indirectly such as though a pin hole camera.  Here are some directions to make one.

Be Prepared – Emergency

After the events in Fort McMurry last summer, I’m sure many units will be working on the Be Prepared Not Scared Challenge or the Emergency Preparedness Challenge or just working on emergency preparedness as part of Learn About our Environment.

The Government of Canada put out some excellent information for Emergency Preparedness Week 2016

These include :


First Aid Badge

The last two meetings we’ve been working on the First Aid Badge along with the first aid sections of Learn About Safety.

The first week we had a guest speaker come to the meeting.  We alternated teaching time with the girls breaking into groups and trying things out.  The speaker covered all the basics of emergency scene management.  She talked to the girls about the recovery position, getting help in a timely way and choking.

The second week we held a round robin of first aid skills.

  • The girls learned about rescue breathing
  • A station about cuts, scrapes and wounds and played a flip puzzle about types of band-aids
  • A station about burns, sunburns, hypothermia and frostbit where they played a variation on Becky’s (Dragon’s) red light, green light first aid game.
  • At the final station they made mini-first aid kits, like the ones made in film-canisters, only we used pill bottles donated by local pharmacies.