Earth Day Instant Meeting

The next Make a Difference Day on the schedule in Earth Day.   National has released an instant meeting for those looking to mark it with their unit.

You can find the instant meetings here.  There are separate meetings for each branch.  Each meeting has an opening and closing activity and activities under two themes: “Healthy Earth, Healthy Us” and “Share and Protect”.


Ocean Aware

The  Ocean Aware Challenge was developed by the BC Program committee and  Ocean Networks Canada.  It is designed to get you to think differently about oceans whether you live near one or not. The challenge is centered around 7 principles of ocean literacy.  There are suggested activities for each principle with detailed instructions for each one.   A lot of the activities are suitable for a wide range of ages making this a great challenge for multi-branch units.  This challenge would also be a great starting place for planning an underwater themed camp.

WAGGGS/UN Ocean Challenge

The WAGGGS/UN Ocean Challenge is a challenge developed jointly between WAGGGS and YUNGA to help youth around the world discover the oceans that cover 70 percent of our world.

All the activities are identified as being suitable for one of three age ranges 5-10, 11-15 or 16+.  The challenge is divided into five parts:

  • Ocean in Motion
  • The Ocean is Life
  • People and the Ocean
  • The Ocean at Risk
  • Take Action

For each section the girls must complete one of the first two challenges and at least one other.  Like the other UN challenges this challenge is a extensive 175 page pdf with lots of graphics, data and information to help you complete the challenge with your unit.

The crests are available from the WAGGGS shop.

Be Prepared – Emergency

After the events in Fort McMurry last summer, I’m sure many units will be working on the Be Prepared Not Scared Challenge or the Emergency Preparedness Challenge or just working on emergency preparedness as part of Learn About our Environment.

The Government of Canada put out some excellent information for Emergency Preparedness Week 2016

These include :


Toronto Biodiversity Booklet Series

This post is rather specific to Toronto and surrounding regions in the GTA.  The city has put together guide books to local biodiversity that are available in PDF format or from free from Toronto Public Libraries.  Titles include

  • Birds of Toronto
  • Butterflies of Toronto
  • Spiders of Toronto
  • Fishes of Toronto
  • Mammals of Toronto
  • Reptiles and Amphibians of Toronto

And there are plans to add

  • Trees and Shrubs of Toronto
  • Bees of Toronto
  • Mushrooms of Toronto
  • Birds of Toronto (revised)

These booklets go well beyond a field guide and include information about the animals, habitat, ways to responsibly observe them,  even legends about the animals.

Outdoor Skills

This is not a Girl Guides of Canada challenge but rather one from e-patches and crests.  It is, however, designed to be completed by Girl Guide units.  They sell challenge kits for $5 per kit.

You can preview the kit here.  The sample includes activities on tracking, tree identification, astronomy, tie dyeing and fire safety.  I know many units do a lot of outdoor skills at camp so this might be a great companion.

The challenge kit and the crest is available from e-patches and crests.