Guide History Game


Out of Heavy paper or cardboard make cards with all the letters of the alphabet except for Q,X and Z.  Then make the following extra letters 3 -Bs, 3-Cs, 4-As, 4-Os, 4-Os, 5-Ls, 4-Ns.  There should be a total of 50 cards.

On a large piece of paper print the following names and post it on a wall:

  • Olive Baden Powell
  • Robert Baden Powell
  • Crystal Palace
  • Agnes Baden Powell
  • Brownsea Island
  • Scouting For Boys
  • St. Catharines

To Play:

  1. Players sit in patrols in a large circle
  2. Put the letters in a pile in the middle of the circle
  3. Read the first question
  4. The patrol of the person who first answers picks a name from the list to try and spell out and starts picking out the letters.
  5. While they are doing that, read the next question
  6. As additional patrols start to try and spell words they can either pull letters from the first pile or try and steal them from another patrol.
  7. First patrol who completes a name wins.


  1. Who Started Girl Guides and Boy Scouts? Lord Baden-Powell
  2. What was Lord Baden-Powell? Robert
  3. What book did he write for boys? Scouting for Boys
  4. Where did he take boys on an experimental camp? Brownsea Island
  5. Where did Girl Guides first appear? Crystal Palace Rally
  6. What did they say they were? Girl Scouts
  7. Where was the Crystal Palace? England
  8. Who gave the girls’ organization the name “Guides”? Lord Baden-Powell
  9. What city in Canada had the first Girl Guide unit? St. Catharines
  10. etc.

Gateway To Our Past Challenge

The Gateway to Our Past challenge is a Guiding History challenge from Alberta.  It is designed to be used with heritage boxes available from the provincial office.  I know Ontario has similar boxes so it may work in many provinces.  To complete the challenge the girls must learn (and try on) old uniforms, learn heritage skills and talk to someone who was in Guiding in previous generation.

Crests are available from the Alberta provincial office.

Girl Guides Charades

I’ve posted the basic rules for charades before but I wanted to share a list of Girl Guide words I used with my girls.

  • Leader
  • Patrol
  • Guide Meeting
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Crafts
  • Campfire
  • Singing
  • Cooking
  • Selling Cookies
  • Roasting marshmallows
  • Sparks
  • Brownies
  • Pathfinders
  • Teamwork
  • Horseshoe
  • Thinking Day
  • Enrollment

We gave an envelope with the list on slips of paper to each patrol and let them play through them.

Reef knots and the History of Guiding

When the girls arrived at last weeks meeting we had the new patrol corners set up.  So as the girls arrived they could find out who won last weeks election and which patrol they were in this year.  Then we took a few minutes to go over horseshoe and hold our opening.  For a first attempt of the year, horseshoe went really well.

As a group we then worked on Promise, Law & Motto #5 by going over how to tie the reef knot in the scarf.  We figured the older girls could use a refresher.  I showed them how if you tug at one end of a proper reef knot the whole thin will slide off and they enjoyed that “magic trick”.  Then we divided them back into patrols and held the tie your scarves into a circle relay outlined in the program book.

For the rest of the meeting we work on Learn About Guiding #1 and World Guiding #1 by having each patrol practice and then perform a skit on the foundation of Girl Guides.  I divided the story of Guiding into 5 chapters, one for each patrol Robert Baden-Powell, The Crystal Palace Rally, How Guides got their Name, Agnes Baden-Powell and How Guides came to Canada.  I left Lady Baden-Powell out on purpose because the girls working on their Lady B-P Challenge will cover her in a few weeks.

Finally we had time for a really nice campfire at the end of the evening.  I taught the girls a couple of new campfire openings and then we had time for 5-6 additional songs before closing.

Flight Themed Muli-branch advancement

I first saw this back when Brownies still “flew” up to Guides, but it can still be used today.

All Sparks have a caterpillar made of construction paper.  The first year sparks wave good-buy to the second year Sparks as they go behind a blanket. (The cocoon )  They are given butterfly wings to wear on their way to Brownies.

The Brownies had a plane made from a large cardboard box.  They all sat in it together while they few up to Guides.

The Guides built rocket ships out of bristle board for their third year girls and they blasted off to Pathfinders with a count down.

The Pathfinders used coloured Christmas lights to create a “transport pad” like you’d find in Star Trek and beamed themselves to Rangers.