The Kindness Rocks Project

The Kindness Rocks Project is a art/service project that would fit right if your unit has been working on challenges like Be You or Mighty Minds.  It is also a really simple and lovely idea.  Take rocks, paint them and write inspiring messages on them.  Then place them back outside where someone who needs to hear that message might come across them.

The project organizers ask that you Instagram photos of your rocks once you have completed them with the haste tag #TheKindnessRocksProject so that you may inspire other people to join the project.

Action on Poverty Meeting

This week we worked on the National Service Project: Action on Poverty

For a month leading up to this meeting, we’ve been sending home requests for donations of small toiletries and items such as gloves and socks.  Several of the Guiders hosted parties while we were gathering donations and suggested our guests bring a donation rather then a hostess gift.  We received some very generous donations.

We started the meeting with a guest speaker from an organization that works with under housed and at risk women in the Toronto area.  She spoke to girls about the work her organization does and the clients they work with.

Then the girls assembled make a difference bags from the donations.  We used clear ziplock bags to hold the items but decorated them with stickers.

We ended the meeting with the Factors Leading To Poverty activity from the Action on Poverty Instant meeting.  The activity was well received by the girls and lead to some thoughtful discussion.

Valentines for Vets

Valentines for Vets is a service project to make valentines for Veterans.  Like Postcards for Peace this is run though Veterans Affairs Canada.

This is a great excuse to clean out the craft cupboard.  Let the girls show their creativity. Veterans Affairs Canada provides some good tips for writing appropriate messages in the valentines. After your valentines are complete you mail them in one envelope to Veterans Affairs Canada for distribution at:

Valentines for Vets
Veterans Affairs Canada
Commemoration, Distribution Unit
125 Maple Hills Ave.
Charlottetown, PE C1C 0B6

WAGGGS #TeamGirl Challenge

If Girl Guides of Canada’s International Day of the Girl instant meeting isn’t inspiring you.  You may want to consider WAGGGS meeting suggestion #TeamGirl.  It contains 90 min worth of activities which focus on tackling global issues by working as a team.  It includes team building games and follows them up by asking the girls to pick an issue they are passionate about and figure out what they can do to make a difference.

A pdf with the meeting outline is found here.

Packs of badges can be bought from the WAGGGS store.

National Service Project: Action on Poverty

The new national service project is out and it is Action on Poverty.  The NSP website contains a couple of great resources.

First there is a new instant meeting.  The instant meeting is designed to get girls thinking about poverty and the issues and challenges it creates.  I’ve seen it suggested that this might be a bit heavy for the younger girls.  I know in my own unit we’ve had years were the income differences within the unit were enormous with some girls living in multi-million dollar homes and other living in social housing.  It might be worth wild to think about which activities are right for you unit before implementing the instant meeting but I’m sure everyone will find something useful in it.

The NSP website also contains a list of service projects units can complete in aid of this national project.  It included activities I’m sure many units already do like helping at food banks, as well as making mittens and scarves, and making up “make a difference bags”.

Finally there is a cross reference with the core program so you can see where the service project overlaps.

The NSP will run for two years and there will be a different (but complementary) crest released next year.

Be Together

These videos are all part of Android’s Be Together. Not the Same campaign.  They would make a great jumping off point for a discussion of social exclusion and/or bullying.

This one looks at unlikely friendships in the animal world

In this video they ask the question, what would music sound like if all 88 keys on the piano were the same.

In this video they examine a friendship between scissors, paper and rock.  It is my personal favourite.

Finally, this video shows a whole lot of fingerprints expressing their individuality and then heading to the same party.