Top Secret Camp

A Camp for Girl Guides

Theme:  This camp is based on the Top Secret Challenge.  Other ideas were taking from a training at Share The Fun – Guider Enrichment Day

Guide Program Work:  This camp was designed to allow girls to work on their Naturalist badge.  This is also a great topic for covering some Girl Guide history.

Patrols: Patrols could be named after famous fictional spies or spy agencies.



  1. Plaster Animal Tracks
  2. Finger print doodles
  3. Morse Code bracelets 
  4. Hide and Seek Bottle



Hold a Menu Meal



Semaphore is a fun, historical communication activity.  It was once considered an core Girl Guide skill but girls still have fun trying to send messages with flags.

Semaphore flags are not hard to make if you have basic sewing skills and once made they will last for years.  I’d suggest making at least two sets.

To practice semaphore split the girls into two groups.  Each group will need a set of semaphore flags, a copy of semaphore signals, some paper and pencils.  Have them spread out as far as possible.  Each team chooses a simple message to try a broadcast.  Then one team at a time tries to signal while the other team writes down what they see.  Then switch.

Hand Signals

I was looking for something else in an online copy of Scouting for Boys, when I came across a section on hand signals that would be familar to most modern Guiders:

Hand or Flag held straight up over head, means “Stop”, “Halt”

The book also included several other hand signals which some modern units might find useful:

Hand or flag held high and waved very slowly from side to side, at full extent of the arm means “Close in”, “Rally”, “Come here”

Hand or flag held high and waved very slowly from side to side at full extent of arm means “Extend”, “Go farther out”, “Scatter”.

Hand waved several times across the face from side to side, or flag waved horizontally from side to side opposite the face means “No”, “Never mind”, “As you were”

When a leader is shouting an order or message to a Scout who is some way off, the Scout, if he hears what is being said, should hold his hand level with his head all the time, If he cannot hear, he should stand still making no sign.  The leader will then repeat louder or beckon to the Scout to come nearer.

The first three could easily be practiced as a running game.

Nova Scotia 100 of Brownie Challenge

100 years browniesThis challenge was created to celebrate the 100th year of Brownies in Nova Scotia.  I really like the crest design.

The challenge is divided up to the following sections:

  • Arts
  •  STEM
  • Active Living
  • Service
  • Heritage

To earn the challenge all branches must do at least one activity from each section and a lot of the activities would make for good bridging activities.  There is a cross-reference section at the end to show where the challenges may overlap with the branch program.