Animated Brownie Story

It has been many years since anyone called me Snowy Owl but I was always a sucker for the traditional Brownie Story.  This is a delightful animated retelling.


Nova Scotia 100 of Brownie Challenge

100 years browniesThis challenge was created to celebrate the 100th year of Brownies in Nova Scotia.  I really like the crest design.

The challenge is divided up to the following sections:

  • Arts
  •  STEM
  • Active Living
  • Service
  • Heritage

To earn the challenge all branches must do at least one activity from each section and a lot of the activities would make for good bridging activities.  There is a cross-reference section at the end to show where the challenges may overlap with the branch program.

1917 Meeting

The blog GIRL GUIDE HISTORY TIDBITS has put together a great meeting plan that will take the girls back in time to 1917 Guide Meeting. The meeting is based on a sample meeting published in 1917.  It might be a fun way to explore Guide history.  I especially enjoyed reading the instructions for making patrol shoulder knots which would be easy to incorporate into any Guide history meeting.

Scouting for Boys and other old manuals

I was at a training recently where it was pointed out that Baden-Powell’s original book Scouting for Boys and many other early Scout and Guide books are now out of copy write.  This means that they can be accessed online and we can make use of the content.  For example: You can download an epub version of Scouting for Boys from The Dump or you can check out How Girls can Help their Country (Girl Scouts of America) in several formats of ebook from the Gutenberg Project