Taking Action against Vaping

Remember last fall when the biggest health story was lung disease caused by vaping?

My Rangers were going to do an education campaign with buttons for the Guides and Pathfinders in our neighbourhood (as they thought their peers were beyond reach) but that was canceled along with everything else. We did manage to create this meme.

One of my Co-Guider works in public health and she brought information in for the Rangers. The intention of the campaign was not to target those who are trying to quite smoking or looking for reduced harm options but peers of our Rangers who have never smoked but do uses vapes.  Many of the Rangers saw this as a real problem in their schools and were very concerned about the health consequences for their friends.

Future Voter Challenge

This is a brand new challenge from Ontario developed for units who want to discuss democracy along side the current Federal Election.  The details of the challenge can be found here.  Basically the units have to finish the appropriate Voices to Vote 2019 Instant Meeting (Sparks and Brownies | Guides | Pathfinders and Rangers) and then complete a few other activities with your unit using democracy to plan your year.

Aquatic Ambassador

Aquatic Ambassador is a new challenge from Nova Scotia for Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers.  “The goal of the Aquatic Ambassadors Challenge is for you to learn more about the ocean and our connection with it from different perspectives while highlighting our cultural mosaic and diversity as Canadians.” It contains a starter and closing activities and activities on three themes:

  • Marine Life
  • Shoreline Protection
  • Water Conservation

This challenge might be a great companion piece to a Great Canadian Shoreline clean-up.  Or could be done at a camp in combination with the WAGGGS Ocean Challenge.


I realized when I wrote up our  Deliver Your Dreams meeting that I’d never done a post on scrapbook pages.  This is a program delivery method that we uses at least once a year and it is always a well received meeting.  I’ve heard of other units that uses it as an ongoing project for the girls to make scrapbooks of their Guiding memories.

If you’ve done scrapbooking as an adult you may be familiar with the concept of acid free supplies to ensure they last a long time.  For most of the projects I do with the unit I don’t worry about the quality of the supplies as much as I do wanting to ensure the girls have a wide variety of materials so their creativity can really come out. Most of our supplies come from either the dollar store or donations. We were fortunate to receive a donation of a number of rubber stamps from a former Guider who was no longer working on scrapbooks.

For each scrapbook night we pick a theme for the girls to make a page around.  We’ve used “Why I’m special”, “My future career” and  “Photos from camp”.  We’ve also used much the same materials to make cards for Valentines for Vets.  We’ve found it works best if we set up a number of different stations around the room such as a gluing  things table, a cutting things table, stamping things table and sticker table.  The girls can move between the stations as their design evolves.


  • Full sheets of basic scrapbook paper
  • Other scrapbook paper the girls can cut up
  • Stickers (both letters and images appropriate to the subject)
  • Glue
  • Other craft misc supplies (fancy tape, feathers, sticky gem stones etc.)
  • die cut paper


  • scissors (if you have access to fancy edged ones that it great)
  • stencils
  • stamps and ink (optional)
  • markers

Depending on the project we either let the girls take their pages home at the end of the night or assemble them into a single book.

Talk for One Minute On…

This is a quick activity that can help girls warm up to public speaking.  If you have a small unit (10 or less) you can play as one group otherwise you might want to break girls into patrols.

In an envelope or cup place slips of paper that all have a topic around a central theme.  Ideally the theme should be picked so that it is something all the girls are familiar with.  Some examples might be colours, ice cream flavours, popular book or movie characters etc.  Use a timer or a phone to keep track of each girls turn.  On her turn she should pull a slip of paper and the aim is for her to talk about the subject in a authoritative way for the full minute.

Extension:  I visited a Pathfinder unit last year who used a variant on this idea to open their meeting each week.  Each girl had 2 minutes to talk about how her week had gone so far.  The girls really seemed to like it but some of them were clearly challenged to talk about themselves for two full minutes.