Girl Awards under Girls First

When I first told my Guides about the new Girls First program among the concerns they voiced was whether or not they’d still be able to earn their Lady BP award.  I was glad that I could assure that that they would be able to earn it but the requirements would change a little.  Now we know exactly what the new awards will look like.

My first impression of the changes to the Lady Baden Powell award are quite positive.  The changes are minor but I like them.

There are also documents outlining the equivalency to the current program for girls who are already underway with their challenge.


Updated Lady BP booklet

The BC Program Committee have updated their Lady BP Award Tracking booklet.

They have improved the booklet by providing many more ideas for the girls as to what activities they can do to complete the award, an improved tracking page for completing the core program and they have included some basic information on the life of Lady BP.  An already great resource is now better.

Lady BP Special Meeting

We had a special meeting this Sunday for the five girls in our unit working on their Lady BP challenge.  It lasted 3 hours and was hosted by one of the Guiders in her home.

First we shot  a video of the girls discussing what they liked about Girl Guides.  The girls started by brain storming a list of fun things they did in Guides and then decided who would talk about each one.  Then they filmed them one by one.

Then the girls made a lost and found bag for the unit.  The decorated the bag in shapes cut out of felt backed with heat ‘n bond.  All the girls got a chance to use the iron and sewing machine.  And the final bag is really nice (and very much needed by the unit).

Preparing for Enrollment

We prepared for enrollment over two meetings.  Both meetings followed a similar format.

We started both weeks with a short patrol challenge from the Girls United challenge. One week they played broken telephone.  It was raining out an many girls were running a little late so it took them a while to settle in but I think they all enjoyed it.  Most patrols had one or fewer messages make it around the circle intact. The other week they wrote a recipe for friendship.  Each patrol read their recipe at horseshoe and they were really great.

For the rest of the meetings we split our unit up into three groups.

The first group were those girls who haven’t been enrolled yet.  They made Law Fortune Tellers.  And played a series of games to learn about the promise, reef knots etc.

The next group were those girls who were enrolled last year.  They are working on their Event Planner badge by planning enrollment.  The girls picked a Candyland Forest theme.  They have made props and invitations.  Planned the refreshments and campfire.

The final group were those girls who will be working on their Lady BP challenge this year.  We discussed what they needed to do for the challenge and went over their record sheets so they could see where they stand now.  Then they worked on part 2, reading about the life of Lady BP.  They wanted to create an illustrated time line of her life.  I gave them a long piece of paper and lots of photos printed from the internet.  We’ll put it on display for the enrollment.

Life and Times of Lady B-P

Remember, it is not what you have but what you give that brings happiness. That is why, as members of our great Movement, it is important for each one of you to try your hardest to become skillful with your hands, alert and ready in your minds and great of heart, so that by these means you may bring friendship and happiness to others and so gain it for yourselves. – Olave, Lady Baden-Powell

 We have got to make this world a better and happier place and each of you can do that.  Your Law and Promise is to help other people at all times.  The world needs you.” – Olave, Lady Baden-Powell

Lady Baden-Powell’s message to Canadian Girl Guides

A Challenge from the World Chief Guide — Olave, Lady Baden-Powell Just one more test passed for gaining an Emblem or Badge. Just one more recruit to join up with your patrol or Unit Just one more Guider to be found, for Just one more Unit Just one more helper and supporter and member of the fellowship of Guiding and above all — Just one more “good turn” service to the community. Just one more kind thought and Prayer that the Spirit of Guiding may spread far and wide though out the world