Dragon Scout Challenge

The Dragon Scout Challenge is a challenge kit sponsored by the Girl Scouts of San Diego for introducing girls to playing role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.   The challenge it’s self is quite simple: learn about role-playing games, make a character and try playing a game.  There are lots of resources on the website to help a leader run a game of D&D 5e including simplified character creation sheets and two simple scenarios.  The scenarios are designed to prompt conversations about the Guide Laws.

The challenge is more suitable for older girls in Pathfinders or Rangers.


Why I’m a Guide

I often like to start the year with a survey for the girls.  It helps me get to know the new girls and it gives me something to look back on later in the year to make sure we are meeting the girls expectations.  This year I based the survey on the Girls First Why I’m a Guide (login needed) activity.  Some of the girls found the questions a little confusing but once we got it sorted, the answers were really good.


Thinking Day Challenge 2019

This years Thinking Day Challenge from WAGGGS celebrates 110 years of Leadership with a game where the girls travel though time.  To really embrace this challenge would take two meetings as the pack suggests that each patrol (team) decorate a recycled bottle to be their “time machine” before the Thinking Day event.

Download the pack here

First Meeting of the Year

We treated our first meeting of the year as an introduction to the Girls First Program.  As the girls entered we had the Guide GF cheat sheet posted for the girls to take a look at while the parents questions were answered.  Then we gathered the girls around and had a discussion about the new program.  Some of our second and third year girls are a little distressed about the lack of interest badges.  I promised them an opportunity in a few months to express their thoughts on this to the Girls First program team and that seemed to settle them down.

We based our meeting around the following three activities: Why I’m a GuideWould you Rather: Ways to Explore and Stick to the Plan but each of them we varied a little.

I had pre-printed a survey sheet for Why I’m a Guide (on the blog next Monday).  One of the interesting results was that many of our girls first joined Guides because the saw a unit out in the community (selling cookies or on a trip) and thought it looked fun.  They also want to spend more time outside with nature.

Then we played Would you Rather but instead of dotmocracy we did it as a running game (with the two options being different sides of the room).

Finally I used some of the program resource cards stuck to large sheets of paper with green painting tape for the Stick to the Plan.  We didn’t use post-it notes, we just had the girls write on the paper but the resulting ideas were good and the girls seemed to enjoy it.

We ended the meeting but teaching the girls “Go Well and Safely” and Taps.

Sing Ontario Sing 2018-19

This years Sing Ontario Sing theme is Around the World in 80 Songs (although there are less then 80 songs on the list).  Girls must sing songs from all 5 WAGGGS regions (including at least one not in English) to complete the challenge.

New this year to the challenge, the unit that was chosen to write it, created a video for each song with the girls singing it.  This is a great opportunity for Guiders who don’t know a lot of campfire songs to teach some new material to their girls.

You can see all the details here.

Top Secret Camp

A Camp for Girl Guides

Theme:  This camp is based on the Top Secret Challenge.  Other ideas were taking from a training at Share The Fun – Guider Enrichment Day

Guide Program Work:  This camp was designed to allow girls to work on their Naturalist badge.  This is also a great topic for covering some Girl Guide history.

Patrols: Patrols could be named after famous fictional spies or spy agencies.



  1. Plaster Animal Tracks
  2. Finger print doodles
  3. Morse Code bracelets 
  4. Hide and Seek Bottle



Hold a Menu Meal