Pink Teas

This is the second time we’ve held a pink tea with our unit and each time I’m impressed at the ideas the girls come up with.  Because of some time restrictions we didn’t do the whole Famous Five challenge this year.  But we did introduce the girls to the history with the
Story of the Famous 5.  Then we set up a “tea” table with cookies and pink drinks and encouraged the girls to break into small groups of 4-5 and hold their own pink tea.  As they ate their goodies they were to discuss what they would like to see changed about the world to bring about greater equality. This year we had girls who discussed equal pay, gendered language and gender stereotypes.  A couple of the Guiders circulated around the room and helped groups who need help getting the conversation going.  At the end the girls all came back into the circle and shared what their group had discussed.


Strong Women Enrollment

Each year we let there second year, plan and run the enrollment for our new girls.  This involves picking a theme, planning the ceremony, campfire, snacks etc.  In the past the girls have selected some fun/silly themes, but this year the girls surprised us by picking a more serious theme “strong women”.

Each of the second year girls choose a strong women she thought was a good role model.  She wore a costume over her uniform to represent that woman.  We had the names of all those women taped to a back drop wall.  At the beginning of the ceremony, the second year girls got up, introduced themselves, both their real name and who they represented and why they thought this woman was a good role model.  Then the role models walked the new girls down a runway of lights to be enrolled.  After saying their promise and receiving their pins, the new girls wrote their names on trefoil paper shapes and added their own names to our wall of strong women.

It wasn’t a complex ceremony but it was really nicely done.

International Day of the Girl 2016

International Day of the Girl (IDG) is an opportunity to bring global focus to girls’ rights, the challenges that girls face in their everyday lives and to empower girls to make a positive difference in the world. This year GGC is focusing on inspiring girls and young women to explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and the opportunities that exist within these fields.

This year’s instant meeting has a opening and closing activity and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities.  Units are expected to do at least one activity from each section.

Famous Five Meeting

This week to celebrate International Women’s Day we completed the Famous Five Challenge from Alberta.  While the girls were in their patrol corners we distributed copies of the Famous Five word search  (from the Famous Five Supplement) for them to work on as a group.  After horseshoe we talked a little about how January 2016 marked 100 years since the first women in Canada were legally allowed to vote. We introduced them to the Famous Five and the Persons Case.  Next we read the interactive story found in the Famous Five Supplement.

Then we moved out of horseshoe to a table we’d set up with a lace table cloth and a pretty pink centerpiece.  We had speakers set up so the girls could listen to the audio from about the pink teas.  Then we let each girl help herself to can of pink grapefruit juice and told them to break up into groups of four or five and hold their own pink tea.   What women’s issues did they want to discuss and what changes did they want to see in the world?  We came back together as a group after they’d had time to discuss to find out what they’d been talking about.  A number of the girls talked about rights of women in other countries and how they didn’t have the same rights we have in Canada.  Other groups talked about how girls sports are often over looked and the absence of girls and women in many action figure and other toys.

We wrapped up the evening by learning  to sing Can a Women and If I were not a Girl Guide (we choose all career verses).