Virtual Trip to the Art Gallery



This weeks activities include taking a virtual trip to an art gallery, imitating famous art with found objects, using and unusual canvas and making a collage out of security envelopes.

Virtual Trip to an Art Gallery


“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” ~ Anni Albers

Security Envelope Art

I was recently at a camp where another Guider told me she was planning to run an activity where the girls made cards using recycled security envelopes.  Unfortunately that activity didn’t end up getting run due to time constraints so I don’t know exactly what she had planned but when I got home I googled the idea and I think I may start saving my security envelopes.  Here are some ideas:











Gel Candles

 We made these candles at a recent camp with Pathfinders and Rangers but I think with a little more supervision Guides could easily make them. These are a nice option in place of other kinds of candle making as each one ends up very unique.

The wax is fairly expensive so it is important to keep the glass containers small and encourage the girls to fill their container at least 1/3 full of embedded material to ensure you don’t blow your budget.  We also discovered that it is important not to stir the wax while it is melting.  That added too much air to the wax and caused the candles to be a little cloudy.  I would also heat the wax straight on the heat rather then in a double boiler and unlike regular candle wax, the gel wax is easier to clean off the pot.


  • 1 clear glass or jar per candle
  • gel wax
  • gel wax wicks
  • stuff to embed in the candles such as sand, shells, glass pebbles, or flowers
  • gel candle dye (optional)


  • melt pot
  • heat source
  • glue gun
  • pencils or sticks
  1. Cut a piece of wick and secure it to the bottom of the container with hot glue.  Tie the other end to a stick to keep it from falling in the container.
  2. Decorate the bottom of the container with embedded objects.  While use of the gel candle should be stopped when it burns down near the embedded material it is still a good idea to use materials that will either not burn or will burn safely.  If necessary you can use another small drop of hot glue to secure the pieces in place but this is best avoided if possible.
  3. Melt the gel wax on the heat source.  Keep a close eye on it.  Once melted it can catch fire easily.  Keep a method to smoother fire close at hand.
  4. Pour gel wax into containers.
  5. Once the wax is cooled, trim the wick.


Festivals and Celebration Challenges

The Festivals and Celebrations challenges are a challenge from the BC International Committee.  There is one challenge for each WAGGGS region.  Each regional challenge included three countries from that region, information about Guiding in that country and lots of activities from that country.  To earn the center crests girls are suppose to try at least one activity from all 15 countries.  You could also work on the sections individually, exploring one region at a greater level of detail.

Shadow Hand Puppets

When camping,  I frequently find the girls want to spend a little time messing around with flashlights.  So why not make it part of the plan.  If they learn to make some of the shadow puppets, then can make shadow skits for the other girls in the unit.

This video shows some simple options

This one shows some more advanced options for older girls or experienced shadow puppet makers