Meeting in a Box: Game of Life

Most girls will be familiar with the classic board game “The Game of Life” by Hasbro, in which a player takes their little plastic car filled with a family on an adventure though life.  This meeting in a box takes the idea of the game and makes it more active.

Game of Life


Girls Count

After several years of testing the National Girls Count challenge is finally available to everyone.  It is intended to bring greater financial literacy to all levels of Guides.  The challenge is presented as a series of instant meetings with a different one for each branch.  All the outlines can be found on the Girls Count page.  There is also a background information sheet for the Guiders that includes a cross reference with the program.  The challenge is set up so that Guiders can run it themselves, but they are encourage to invite expert guests in to help.

All the of challenges are divided into three themes:

  • Currency Awareness
  • Purchasing Power
  • Money Management

Crests can be bought from the national shop.

Fall Cookies

15 min – Practice Horseshoe – we’re changing the way we march into horseshoe this year a little to stop the girls from getting all squished together.  So we practiced it a couple of times this week and also reinforced the second verse of the Guide Marching song.

20 min – Cookie 101 – There was a discussion about cookie selling.  Including how much the cookies cost, tips for selling, the girls provided ideas about where to sell cookies and the Cookie All-Star program was reviewed.

30 min – Goal Setting –  We made a list of possible activities we could do as a unit this year.  We’d costed each activity in cases of cookies we’d need to sell to pay for or subsidize the activity. We discussed the possibilities with the girls and had them vote on what they wanted to do.

10 min – Sing Song – We attempted to learn how to do the actions for Make New Friends as outlined on this site.  It went rather hilariously wrong.  We’ll try again another week.  Then we sang taps and called it a night.

Cookies were distributed.