Rock Wrap

Rock Wraps might make an nice extension to some knot work or as an alternative craft for older girls to rock painting. I find videos are very helpful when learning new knots or similar work.  There are lots of different examples on YouTube.  Here is one play list of rock wrapping videos you you can get some ideas. You might want to pick several and have the girls (either individually or as a group) decided which one they want to follow.

World Centres International Adventure Activity Pack

If you are planning or would like to explore planning a trip with your unit to a World Centre,  or have Rangers interested in independent travel once they are 18, there are some great activities in the new WAGGGS World Centres International Adventure Activity Pack

So often World Centre activities seem to be aimed at a younger audience it is nice to see some that can really challenge the older members. Inside the pack there are activities to explore which World Centre you might want to go to and what sort of experience you’d have at each one.  Practical planning tips for packing, planning your trip.  Skills you may need to build before you go including some ideas self care and friendships that may be good activities even if you aren’t planning a trip. Finally it finishes off with some reflections on your experiences.

What’s Cooking – Online Meeting Idea

This was a girl driven meeting as many of my Pathfinders and Rangers have been spending more time in their families kitchens lately.


“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child


We started the meeting with a kitchen tools quiz.  Depending on the size and make up of your group you could either have them call out the name or uses of each item or write it down and then compare at the end.  I just raided my own kitchen for the items and tried to find a mix of common and more obscure items.  The answers are in the speaker notes.

Then we gave the girls time to share their kitchen adventures and horror stories, recipes and photos.


Finally we challenged each girl to try something new in the kitchen this week such as learning an old family recipe, try food from a culture that they were unfamiliar with or trying something from a cook book or food show that used a technique they’d not tried before.

Bring a Book – Online Meeting Idea

This is an idea for an online meeting (although it would also work in person)… before the meeting, ask each girl to pick out a favourite book to introduce to the other girls in her unit.  The book can be fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel, biography or whatever else she wants.


I met a Dragon

Introduce your Book

Give each girl a few minutes to tell what book she brought and why she picked it.

Bring Your Own Book

This is a game based on the card game Bring Your Own Book The game leader reads a prompt and all the players have 1 or 2 minutes to find a word or phrase in their own book to match the prompt. Depending on the size of your group, the players can take turns being the judge (the judge does not play that round) or everyone can vote on the best answer. The best answer can be either the most appropriate or the funniest.

Example prompts:

  • Something heard at camp after midnight
  • A new Guide law
  • A weird thing to pack for a hike
  • Something a Guider might say after a meeting
  • The name of a campfire song
  • A new Guide badge
  • A skill you didn’t expect to learn in Guides
  • Your camp name
  • etc.


Australian Campfire Resource

I often find the best stuff while looking for something only tangentially related.

This week I stumbled across this great Campfire Activity Resource Kit from Australia.  It is a great kit to teach girls proper campfire edicate, planning, fire building etc.  I especially like the first activity that could act as a great opening ceremony to a campfire to set the expectations and mood.  I know at least one of my co-Guiders would really like the second activity on proper flashlight (torch) edicate at a campfire.  In fact I can think of uses for almost all the activities.

Sun Down and Sun Up Challenge

The Sun Down to Sun Up challenge has been out for a couple of years but I haven’t featured it before.  It features skills useful at night (although many of the parts of the challenge can be done during the day). Glow in the dark crafts, astronomy and nocturnal animals are some of the topics covered.  It  would make a great theme for a camp, especially in the fall or winter, when you will have more night to work with.  Or for a Pathfinder/Ranger wake over.

Land Surveyor Challenge

The Land Surveyor Challenge is a joint project between the Ontario Council and Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS).  The goal of the challenge introduces girls to the science of Land Surveying and how it impacts us.

The challenge is divided up into four groups of activities:

  • What is Surveying?
  • How GPS Works
  • Measuring and Mapping
  • Finding Your Way

This challenge would be a great way to shake up/modernize Map and Compass work.

Challenge crests are purchases though Positive Identity.

Edible Snowballs

My Guides love cooking and baking.  Well really, I think my Guides like eating but are willing to bake or cook if that leads to the eating.  However, we don’t have ready access to a kitchen at our meeting place.  So I’m always looking for options that require little or no heat.  These No-bake Fudgy Snow Balls look like a great way to celebrate winter.  They are gluten free, dairy free, egg free and can be vegan so they are already a great choice for units with lots of food complications.  The comments suggest replacing the almonds with graham cracker crumbs.  I will have to try that as we have one girl who can’t have nuts.

Update:  I was unable to find a source of dates that hadn’t been processed on the same equipment as nuts, so no  Fudgy Snow Balls for us.  Hopefully it is still useful for other units.  However, if nuts are a concern, you  may want to start sourcing dates well before you need them.