Canada Food Guide

Health Canada recently released a new version on the Canadian Food Guide.

The new Guide is made up of a demonstration plate and a list of eating advice

Eat well. Live well.

Eat a variety of healthy foods each day

Have plenty of vegetables and fruits
Choose whole grain foods
Eat protein foods
Make water your drink of choice

Healthy eating is more than the foods you eat

Be mindful of your eating habits
Cook more often
Enjoy your food
Eat meals with others

Use food labels
Limit foods high in sodium, sugars or saturated fat
Be aware of food marketing

If you want to have some fun with this new food guide it might be fun to have the girls compare it to earlier eating advice.  Health Canada has a page on the History of Canada Food Guide including the first Official Food Rules from 1942.


Ice and Snow Camp

I always pick a theme for camp because among the myriad of activities you could do at camp, I find a theme helps me (and/or the girls) focus on what to do at this particular camp.  I was recently discussing this with a fellow Guider and she was worried that themes sometimes take away from girls time to just enjoy nature.  So I thought I’d put together this simple theme to show how you can do both.

This theme would also work really well for multi-branch unit camps or multi-unit camps as many of the ideas and activities could easily be done by Sparks or Brownies.

If you wanted you could easily add in activities from the Polar Challenge as well.

Theme: Ice and Snow 

This outline is for an residential winter camp.

Program Connections:

  • Art Studio
  • My Physical Self
  • Science Lab

Opening and Closing

There is an often sited “fact” that the Inuit have 52 words for snow.  That idea has been largely discredited by modern linguists as to find 52 different words you have to count the same word in multiple dialects.  That said, both the Inuit and English speaking Canadians have a lot of words and phrases for ice and snow.

Put up a large blank sheet of paper at the beginning of camp and challenge the girls to write as many words for ice or snow as they know.  At the end of camp, count up how many words they came up with.  Did they get to 52?  You can check this list or this one if you need to extra words to fill out the list or to get the girls going.




  • snow snake
  • freeze tag
  • Coloured Ice Scavenger Hunt (From Winter 2019 Canadian Guider)


White Quilt

Too Much Winter

The Day The Snow Finally Came


A Snowy Day





I know my limits as a Guider and one of them is that I’m no Yoga Instructor.  Yoga stretching can be a great form of self care and the Mighty Minds challenge includes instructions for some postures but if like me you don’t feel comfortable providing this instructions   The best option is to find a qualified instructor to come your your meeting.  But if that doesn’t work for you and you have some way to show video you may want to turn to YouTube.   There are lots of videos available but these were two I found that targeted Guide age kids.

Before doing anything like yoga it is worth mentioning to the girls that if they feel uncomfortable with any of the movements they can just sit quietly on their mat and work on their breathing.

Review: Rocks and Rings

What: An introduction to the sport of curling.  They played several active games with our girls to teach them the rules to curling and then they let the girls try the game using rocks with wheels on the bottom to give them the idea of the sport without the ice (brooms optional).

How many:  They handled our group of 30 girls.  They said that if we had more they could split the unit into two groups.

Where: They come to you.  You have to have a gym available.

How Much: They charge our unit about $140

More information:

Rocks and Rings was great.  The communication before the evening was really great.  Their staff member was fantastic with the girls.  The girls were all really engaged with the program and they all got to try a sport they hadn’t tried before.

Let’s Lace ‘EM Up! Challenge

active livingLet’s Lace ‘EM Up!– is an Active living challenge from Nova Scotia.  The activities are divided into three categories:

  • Physical Activity
  • Eating Healthy
  • Mental Health

The activities would fit in with many meeting plans or camps and the challenges and there is an extensive list of program connections at the end of the challenge.

Stone Soup

There are lots of versions of the story of Stone Soup. In each one a traveler comes to a village where no one is willing to share because they don’t have enough. The stranger starts to boil a pot of water and puts a stone (or other inedible object) in the pot. He or she tells each villager who comes by that they are making stone soup but it would be ever so much better with just a little bit of carrots/onions/herbs/etc. Each villager is convinced to contribute the “one thing” the soup is missing.  In the end the stranger has a big pot of soup to share with the village.

A Guider I used to work with used this story to make a pot of collaborative soup each year.  She’d read the story to the girls one week and tell them that at their next meeting (or sometimes it would be at winter camp) she’d be providing the soup pot and a clean stone.  She’d ask each girl to bring something for the soup (vegetables, bullion, herbs etc. ).  Whatever arrived at the next meeting was chopped up and put in the soup pot. Everyone would enjoy a mug of soup at the end of the meeting.  Be aware of allergies or other dietary restrictions.

Flavoured Water

At camp last year we had difficulty keeping the girls hydrated.  The water at the camp is safe but it is from a well and has a lot of minerals in it so it tasted funny to our girls used to city water.  An inexpensive solution presented it’s self when one of the other Guiders chopped up some spare cucumbers and oranges and dumped them into the water jugs.

Fruit flavoured water is quite trendy right now.  You can use any kind of citrus fruit, cucumbers, berries or herbs like mint or basil.  Why not challenge your girls to experiment and come up with their favourites.

If you feeling less adventurous here are some recipes from Buzz Feed.