The Great Cookie Caper – Wide Game

This wide game is based on Post Office and was developed for the Canada 150 events hosted by Ontario Girl Guides.

The girls must rescue all 6 of their Cookie Friends by tracking down the Cookie Critters and either answering their cookie trivia question or completing a short challenge.

The Great Cookie Caper – Wide Game


Promise Freeze Tag

Following the normal rules for freeze tag:

  • one person is “it” and when that girl touches another girl the touched girl is “fozen”
  • Girls who are frozen can’t move
  • To be un-frozen the girl must recite the Guide Promise
  • The Promise should be posted for girls who don’t know it by heart.

Silent Orders

Patrols in their corners.  A girl from each patrol is called to the game leader and told to get her patrol into some given position without speaking to the girls.  Fore example: sitting cross-legged in a line facing a certain direction; facing the door with hands on hips; standing in a row facing one way with legs apart and arms over head; etc.  Points are given to the quickest.  When Patrols become more experienced , they may be given several positions so they will have to carry out a series of positions (first position, second position, etc.) without spoken orders.

My Grandmother Went to Paris

Girls sit in a circle. The first girl turns to the second and says, “My Grandmother went to Paris and brought back a  pair of scissors”, making the motions of cutting.  The second girl turns to the third and repeats .  this continues around the circle until all are making cutting motions.  Then the first girl says to the second and says, “My Grandmother wet to Paris and brought back a pairs of scissors (cutting motion) and a fan (fanning motion with other hand).  Continue in this way until you have four or five motions or objects such as: rocking chair (rocking body back and forth), a balloon (blowing motion) etc.


Girls sit in a circle.  A girl who is “The Shopper” walks around and stops before another player and says, “I’m going to Toronto, what shall I buy?”  She then counts to ten and before she is finished counting the girl in front of her must name an object beginning with at “T”.  If she fails then she takes the place of shopper.  The name of the city should be changed often and the name of the things to be bought must begin with the city’s initial.

Variations: This game can also be played using the name of flowers, birds, vegetables etc.  IE “I’m going to Regina, what bird will I see?”

Ping Pong Ball Blow

Each girl needs a straw and you will need 1 ping pong ball for each patrol   Have each patrol divide into two teams of 2 or 3.  Gather around a a table with each team on one side.  The ball is placed in the middle of the table.  On go, each team tries to blow the ping pong ball off the other side of the table.  The girls are not allowed to touch the ball with their their bodies or the straw.  Each time the ball is blown off the table, that team gets one point.

Alternatively, this game can be played collectively by making a obstacle course for the ping pong ball on the table out of cups, shoes or other small objects.  Working together the girls must blow their ball from one side to the other.  If one girl is dominating play, tell the girls they can’t move their feet.