Bring a Book – Online Meeting Idea

This is an idea for an online meeting (although it would also work in person)… before the meeting, ask each girl to pick out a favourite book to introduce to the other girls in her unit.  The book can be fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel, biography or whatever else she wants.


I met a Dragon

Introduce your Book

Give each girl a few minutes to tell what book she brought and why she picked it.

Bring Your Own Book

This is a game based on the card game Bring Your Own Book The game leader reads a prompt and all the players have 1 or 2 minutes to find a word or phrase in their own book to match the prompt. Depending on the size of your group, the players can take turns being the judge (the judge does not play that round) or everyone can vote on the best answer. The best answer can be either the most appropriate or the funniest.

Example prompts:

  • Something heard at camp after midnight
  • A new Guide law
  • A weird thing to pack for a hike
  • Something a Guider might say after a meeting
  • The name of a campfire song
  • A new Guide badge
  • A skill you didn’t expect to learn in Guides
  • Your camp name
  • etc.


Letter Twister

This is an idea I got from the BC Colour Me Healthy Challenge for Pathfinders and Rangers.  My Pathfinders and Rangers enjoyed the game but it would work well with Guides. Depending on the topic, you may want to make a list of words ahead of time or let the girls brainstorm them before the game.

Before the meeting, buy a plastic tablecloth and draw a grid on it with permanent markers.   In each square, write a letter.  Mix them up so they aren’t in alphabetical order. If you know the list of words, you may be able to tweek the letters on the mat so that no space will go unused.  You can also fill up extra squares with common letters.

It will be easier on the mat if the girls remove their shoes before playing.  To play the game, choose two girls one to start on the mat and one to read the word. The reader will read the word and start to spell it.  The girl on the mat will attempt to put either her hand or foot on each of the letters at the same time.  When she runs out of limbs or can’t figure out how to reach the next letter, she can call another girl in to help her.  This continues until all the letters in the word are covered (longer words are more challenging and more fun).  Then the girl who started on the mat, will be the next reader and should pick someone uninvolved in the previous round to start the next word on the mat.


One player stands in the middle of the room, and holds the broom upside down on the floor.  Then she calls out the name of another player, lets go the broom and runs away.  The player whose name is called must catch the broom before it hits the ground, then name someone else to catch it.  Anyone who does not catch the broom before it hits the floor must return the broom to the caller.

This game is best played very quickly, and with all players kept as far away from the broom as possible.  Depending on the size of the room, you may make a rule that everyone player must be touching one of the walls when the broomstick is being held.


In 2020 the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be hosted by Japan.  In 2020 Girl Scouts of Japan will also be celebrating their organizations 100th birthday.  As such, the Girl Scouts of Japan have taken the opportunity to update the WAGGGS Olympia badge (last updated when the UK hosted the games).  The new challenge is filled with active games and cultural activities from Japan all with an Olympic and/or Paralympic twist.  There are three levels of the badge available from the WAGGGS store depending on how many activities from each of the three sections you unit completes.

  • Stadium (body)
  • Temple (mind)
  • Theater (cultural)

,This challenge would make a great bases for a unit, district or neighbourhood picnic or camp.

Interview and Introduce

This is a short get-to-know-you activity.  Have the girls pair off.  Ideally, they should be paired with someone they don’t already know well.  This is not a time to partner with your best friend.  Each pair has 5-10 min to talk to each other and get to know each other.  It is important when instructions are given that you emphasis that the girls need to take time to both talk and listen.  After the discussing time, each girl needs to introduce their partner to the group.  This introduction should include her name and several interesting things about her that makes her special.

Hare and Hounds

This is a good game for both urban and rural units.  The hare is given 3 minutes start and some chalk.  As she goes she makes a chalk mark on the sidewalk or trees from time to time.  The hounds follow, all with chalk, (a different colour) and as they discover the trail they mark it off (make a cross or x) the hare tries to get back to the meeting place before she is caught.

This game was originally played with paper scrapes but playing with chalk (or something biodegradable like bird seed) is better.