Origami Heart

Making a folded heart can be a nice small craft for Valentine’s Day.  These hearts aren’t hard to make compared to a lot of origami patterns.   There are lots of instructions on YouTube but it is a nice, easy to follow example.


Our Unit Scrapbook

An Our Unit Scrapbook is a scrapbook where each girl in the unit contributes a page about herself.  My unit was fortunate to get some scrapbooking supplies such as stamps and fancy scissors donated to us and this is a great opportunity to use them but you don’t need that to make nice pages.


  • At least 1 12″x 12″ page of scrapbooking paper per girl.  You may want extras so they can pick a colour that is meaningful and/or cut things out of extra paper
  •  Stickers including letters; images of hobbies, activities and favorite things of your Guides; and general bling
  • Stamps and stamp pads (again letters are good and or whatever you have)
  • Scissors and glue
  • markers, pencil crayons and crayons
  • magazines or other images


We found it was easiest to set up the materials in different stations around the room and let the girls move between them as they wish.  Have each girl start up sticking or stamping their names on their page.  Then add things they like (at least three) to the page.  At the end of the meeting have the girls show off their page and describe why they put what they did on the page.  Then add the pages into a book.

Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls are a Guatemalan tradition.  The idea is that rather then let your worries keep you awake at night, you tell your doll the problem and they will take over worrying about it for you while you can get some sleep.  Hopefully by morning the worrying is all done.

These are great instructions for making easy worry dolls.  They are a little bigger then some of the ones I’ve before but that makes them a lot less fiddly.

Folding Fortune Tellers

I know these are called many different names but when I was a kid we called them Fortune Tellers.

Fortune Tellers are an easy origami project. This video shows the basics of how to fold them.

There are lots of ways fortune tellers can be used in the program such as:

Girl Guide History from Owl and Toadstool

Girl Guides of Canada from the Brand Center

Promise and Law

I was a a recent training where they made Mighty Mind fortune tellers with self care suggestions inside such as take a deep breath, read a poem, stand in a power pose, dance etc.

Girl Guide Mandela

Colouring can be very relaxing even for older girls. It is an easy activity as all you need are the Mandela and some basic colouring material (pencil crayons and/or markers). There is a great Girl Guide themed Mandela in the Might Minds challenge and there are also some great ones on the Owl & Toadstool blog.

Older girls who like to draw may even want to make their own
How to draw a mandela

Stamped Shirts

My unit made these shirts as part of the Mighty Minds challenge but they would work for other topics too.


  • 1 white shirt for each girl
  • 1 -6 bottles of fabric paint
  • wax paper
  • foam letters
  • tart tins to hold the paint
  • paint brushes
  • plastic table clothes to cover work area (optional)

I bought mine though tshirt.ca and they offer a good price but if you have a smaller unit you might want to check the price in local stores as shipping costs may make the shirts too expensive.  I choose to go with all XL youth which will be dress sized for some of my Guides but will fit everyone. The foam letters were in the toy section of Dollarama.  I suspect they were intended for teaching toddlers the alphabet but they were a good size and had a little texture to them so they held the paint well.


Slip a piece of wax paper inside each shirt.  This will prevent the paint from leaching though.  If a girl wants to paint a message on a sleeve you might need additional wax paper.  Give the girls a little time to think about what they want to write on their shirt and to gather their letters.  The girls can dip or paint the fabric paint on to the wrong side of their letter and then stamp it onto the shirt.  Some of the girls choose to add a little bit of splatter paint to the shirts once the message was in place.  Let dry for 12 plus hours.