Girl Guide Mandela

Colouring can be very relaxing even for older girls. It is an easy activity as all you need are the Mandela and some basic colouring material (pencil crayons and/or markers). There is a great Girl Guide themed Mandela in the Might Minds challenge and there are also some great ones on the Owl & Toadstool blog.

Older girls who like to draw may even want to make their own
How to draw a mandela


Stamped Shirts

My unit made these shirts as part of the Mighty Minds challenge but they would work for other topics too.


  • 1 white shirt for each girl
  • 1 -6 bottles of fabric paint
  • wax paper
  • foam letters
  • tart tins to hold the paint
  • paint brushes
  • plastic table clothes to cover work area (optional)

I bought mine though and they offer a good price but if you have a smaller unit you might want to check the price in local stores as shipping costs may make the shirts too expensive.  I choose to go with all XL youth which will be dress sized for some of my Guides but will fit everyone. The foam letters were in the toy section of Dollarama.  I suspect they were intended for teaching toddlers the alphabet but they were a good size and had a little texture to them so they held the paint well.


Slip a piece of wax paper inside each shirt.  This will prevent the paint from leaching though.  If a girl wants to paint a message on a sleeve you might need additional wax paper.  Give the girls a little time to think about what they want to write on their shirt and to gather their letters.  The girls can dip or paint the fabric paint on to the wrong side of their letter and then stamp it onto the shirt.  Some of the girls choose to add a little bit of splatter paint to the shirts once the message was in place.  Let dry for 12 plus hours.

Ecology Frame

This craft creates a popsicle stick shadow box for your camp memories.


  • popsicle sticks
  • cardboard (or foam core) backing
  • various types of seeds or small rocks, seed pods etc.
  • white glue


  1. Glue popsicle sticks together as sown in diagram.  Having 4 on top of each other as show in diagram, having 3 on top of each other as shown, overlapping the ends.
  2. Glue a piece of cardboard onto the sticks to form a back
  3. Dividers are now made by cutting the sticks to desired length and glueing into the frame on their edges.
  4. Glue seeds of various types into the sections, with one section.

Alternative layouts for the shadow box.

Paracord Bracelet

Paracord Bracelets are both attractive and useful.  In an emergency they can be un-knotted for 7 or 8 feet of rope.  Paracord comes in different weights and if you intend to use the rope for survival purposes go for a heavier gage.  I was able to buy a big bag of multi-coloured buckles from Amazon at a good price.  Other units bought kits at a dollar store but those clips were smaller and more fragile.

The knot will be familiar to anyone who has done macrame before.  We found it useful to have the girls mark one of their knoting ropes either with a small knot at the end or a piece of tape.  Then it was easy for them to remember that one rope always went over and one rope always went under no matter what side they started the knot on.

Ice Candles

Candles are fun to make but can take a lot of wax.  This is a method of making really neat looking candles that doesn’t take as much wax.


  • wax paper cups
  • wick
  • tape
  • pencil or Popsicle stick
  • crushed ice
  • paraffin wax
  • wax dye or old crayons (optional)


  1. Secure one end of the wick to the inside bottom of the wax cup with a little bit of tape.  (if you have wicks with metal bottoms this may not be necessary)
  2. Tie or tape the other end of the wick to the pencil or Popsicle stick so it doesn’t fall into the cup.
  3. Melt the wax in a double boiler and colour as desired
  4. Fill the cup with ice.  Ideally you want the chunks of ice to be between 1/2 cm and 1 cm in size.
  5. Pour wax into the cup until the ice is submerged
  6. Wait for the wax to cool and the ice to melt, then carefully remove the stick and cup.  You will end up with a candle that had large holes in it kind of like Swiss cheese.

Warning: Always burn these candles on a large fireproof surface as they may collapse in unpredictable (but interesting) ways as they burn.  Do not leave burning candles unsupervised.