2020 has been a tough year for many.  In response WAGGGS has released the #POSITIVITYPATROL challenge.  This is a social media based leadership challenge where the members are asked to spread some positivity in the world.

It consists of 10 weeks of activities.  The complete challenge can be downloaded here: #positivitypatrol

Each week WAGGGS is releasing digital assesst to spruce up your social media posts here: https://www.wagggs.org/en/what-we-do/for-her-digital-world/10-week-leadership-challenge-positivitypatrol/

The social media assests are currently on week 5 but I see no reason someone couldn’t start from week one now.

Crests are currently available from the WAGGGS shop.

Self Care and Support at Home Meeting

I don’t know about you but I’ve found the last week and a half pretty stressful. I figured my Pathfinders and Rangers probably have too. This weeks My Might Minds at home meeting is intended to address that. This covers the Pathfinder and Ranger Stations of Support activity plus a couple of unit’s own. Guides have a very similar activity but they should likely make something like Stress Balls instead of Mental Health First Aid kit and the Saskatewan self care challenge is really intended for older members.


My social anxiety’s reaction to events being canceled vs. my anxiety’s by Assigned Male Comics


The main meeting pack contains four activities two about self care and two about supporting others.  Pathfinders and Rangers are encouraged to share their thoughts and/or results with the unit.

Self Care and Support

Now that you’ve tried out a few types of self care, develope a regular practice of it by following the instructions in the

Saskatewan Self Care Challenge


Self Care Challenge

Saskatchewan has just released this new self care challenge.  It is apparently targeted at Rangers and Adults but has some great ideas for younger girls as well.  I definitely think the topic is appropriate to Guides and Pathfinders and could be adapted for the youngest branches.  The challenge is primarily focused around starting a regular practice of self care and would take a month or two of work outside the unit to complete.

Self Care Challenge

Aquatic Ambassador at Home Meeting

Many of my Pathfinders and Rangers had planned with their families to be somewhere south this week by an ocean.  These plans have been disrupted by the Corvid-19 crisis but I still thought the Ocean might make a good theme for our first at home meeting.  The platform cross lists these activities for Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers so this meeting would be suitable for any of those branches.  My Pathfinders and Rangers have Discord server for sharing their results/thoughts but any social media would work.  Or perhaps they could send them by e-mail to a Guider who could consolidate them into a mailer for the next week.


Explore the creatures that live in the ocean with this interactive.  What is your favorite sea creature? Would you want to travel to deep ocean if you had the chance?



Aquatic Ambassador at home challenge

I tried to pick activities that would only use items the girls would typically have at home but Amazing Aquaponics would be a solid alternative to Coral Chemistry if basic gardening supplies are more accessible in the home.


Shark! – from Lunarbaboon Comics

Rewarding Work

Now that I’m working with Pathfinders it bothers me a little bit that some aspects of the work the Pathfinders do on their Canada Cord have no reward (ie badge or pin) outside of the cord.  I know not all Pathfinders and Rangers are motivated by badges the way our younger members are, but in my experience even those who say they don’t care, open their baggies at the first opportunity to see what is in them.

There is a nice pin for the volunteer work

And a certificate for the Citizenship component but personally I don’t find certificates very exciting.  But there is nothing for the leadership component (either at camp or events)

I recently ordered Great Girl Leader crests from the WAGGGS store. Which is more glittery then the photo suggests and will be great fun to award.  The Lead the Way crest from the National Store would also work well.

My unit isn’t working on the Citizenship challenge this year but if they were I’d probably give them the maple leaf crest, the salute crest from Scouts Canada or something similar.

Lead Out Loud

I’m sure I’m not alone in being disappointed that WAGGGS isn’t producing a #teamgirl challenge this year.  Instead they have suggested units consider their Lead Out Loud challenge which is associated with the Juliette Low Seminar.  However, this challenge is designed for girls 11+ so really only useful for Pathfinder and Ranger units.  On top of that it is really meant for girls to do individually or in small groups so it is unlikely you can structure a meeting around it.  There also only seems to be a digital badge associated with the challenge, although I suppose you could use this one as a substitute.

That said, the challenge is interesting and has some good activities.  Even if the girls you work with are too young to complete the challenge you might still find some ideas that could be adapted.

The challenge is divided into 3 parts.  Participates should choose 2 activites from each part to complete:

  • DISCOVER – Learn new things and try new skills
  • GROW – Practice leadership and reflect on who you are as a leader
  • ACT – Take the lead and impact the world around you