Girl Guide Mandela

Colouring can be very relaxing even for older girls. It is an easy activity as all you need are the Mandela and some basic colouring material (pencil crayons and/or markers). There is a great Girl Guide themed Mandela in the Might Minds challenge and there are also some great ones on the Owl & Toadstool blog.

Older girls who like to draw may even want to make their own
How to draw a mandela



I know my limits as a Guider and one of them is that I’m no Yoga Instructor.  Yoga stretching can be a great form of self care and the Mighty Minds challenge includes instructions for some postures but if like me you don’t feel comfortable providing this instructions   The best option is to find a qualified instructor to come your your meeting.  But if that doesn’t work for you and you have some way to show video you may want to turn to YouTube.   There are lots of videos available but these were two I found that targeted Guide age kids.

Before doing anything like yoga it is worth mentioning to the girls that if they feel uncomfortable with any of the movements they can just sit quietly on their mat and work on their breathing.

Get To Know Your Feelings – Guide Edition

This activity takes parts of the Brownie Mighty Mind challenges and makes them more Guide appropriate.  To do this activity you need the feeling faces from page 28 of the Brownie Might Minds challenge.   You also need the list of scenarios from Get To Know Your Feelings and a large sheet of paper for each patrol.  Each patrol cut out the feeling faces and glued them around their sheet.  Then they went though the scenarios and matched them to how they felt about that scenario. After each patrol finished we asked them to share 3 or 4 scenarios that they found difficult to place.  Several patrols choose the same one and each had ended up putting it someplace different.

  • Someone changes the TV channel while you’re still watching something.
  • Someone tells you your shirt is ugly.
  • An older kid pushes you on the playground at school.
  • There’s a knock at the door and it’s a stranger.
  • You forget to bring your lunch to school.
  • You get to choose what to have for dinner tomorrow.
  • You get a quiz back and you didn’t do very well.
  • You can’t find your parent when you’re shopping with them.
  • You miss the bus.
  • It’s raining and you can’t play outside.
  • You really don’t like the snack offered at Camp.
  • You don’t want to do what everyone else is doing.
  • One of your friends tells a joke that you think is funny.
  • Your teacher explains the homework but you still don’t know how to do it.
  • You want to go out and play but aren’t allowed until you clean your room.
  • You’re having dinner at a friend’s house and you don’t like the food after you taste it.
  • While you’re waiting to get picked up after school, some much older kids start walking towards you.
  • You stop to look at a new toy at the mall and when you turn around, your family is gone.
  • When you open your lunch box at school, something has spilled and everything is sticky and soggy.
  • It starts to rain just as you’re about to leave school and you didn’t bring any rain gear with you.
  • You’re walking in the woods with your family when you trip and fall into the mud.
  • You get exactly what you asked for as a present on your birthday.
  • Some mean kids are making fun of you and your best friend because you are wearing the same shirt.
  • A new girl in your class is having a party and you get invited.
  • While playing a game on your parent’s cell phone you drop it and the screen cracks.
  • You are caught sneaking a cookie after dinner.
  • You find out that you’re getting an award at school.
  • Your parents make you come along to a sibling’s play at school even though you don’t want to go.

How Are You Feeling Today?

This was another activity we did as part of the Mighty Minds challenge.  Each girl was given plain yellow circle printed on a piece of paper.  The girls were invited to turn their circle into an emoji of how they were feeling right now.  We did this on a Saturday morning at camp so while most of the girls were happy we had a few feeling a little homesick, a few that were tired and one who was feeling ill.  After all the girls drew their emoji we posted them all up to the wall and had the girls look at the gallery.  We discussed how everyone was feeling different and how whatever they were feeling was legitimate and OK.

International Day of the Girl Meeting

This week we completed the WAGGGS #teamgirl challenge for International Day of the Girl.

We started the meeting by having each patrol look at cards with the  Need/Want items on them.  Each patrol separated the cards into two piles and then after horseshoe we asked how each patrol had categorized each item.  For some there was no debate (fizzy drinks are a want, clean water a need) but for others there was more debate.  I asked a few questions a long the way too to challenge their thinking.  For example, the girls all agreed that a garden was a want until I asked if their answer would change if the garden was a major source of food for the family.  Pretty flowers are a want but vegetables are a need they all agreed.

We followed that up with short discussion about barriers for girls attending school around the world.  I was impressed by how much our girls already knew about the subject.

Then we played the giant board game included in the package.  Some of the squares were pretty difficult for Guide age girls but the hardest one was staying quiet until your next turn.

We finished up by having each patrol draw posters of what they liked best about school and what they would miss if they couldn’t go to school any more.

#TeamGirl 2017

The International Day of the Girl isn’t a Make a Difference Day this year, but if you still want to mark it with your unit you can complete the WAGGGS #teamgirl challenge for 2017.  This year’s focus is on the right to education of Girls around the world.

Before doing this challenge you may want to review the new Advocacy Guidelines.

The is a “letter from Hogwarts” making the rounds that might really help younger Guides understand what is lost when girls aren’t able to attend school.  It seemed quite timely to me as it came across my social media feed just after I was reading the #teamgirl challenge.  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Waitlist