Quebec Maple Syrup Challenge

In the spirit of their popular Chocolate Challenge, The Quebec Girl Guides have introduced a Maple Syrup Challenge.  This would make a great challenge to base a meeting or two around if you are planning a sugar shack outing.  It would also make a great camp theme.  Like the chocolate challenge, the Maple Syrup Challenge starts with learning about either the history or geography of maple syrup and then the girls must complete a number of maple themed activities depending on their branch.



DeCode is a new National Challenge on digital literacy. It replaces the old Cybercitizen Challenge.  It is in the form of an instant meeting for each branch.  There is also a backgrounder document for Guiders.  Many of the activities can be done off line so don’t disregard this challenge if technology is not available to your unit.  No matter what branch meeting you uses the challenge involves and opening and closing activity plus activities from the following three themes: My Digital World, Safe and Positive Spaces, and Disconnect and Reconnect

If you are looking for more digital literacy ideas, don’t forget that WAGGGS also has the Surf Smart Challenge although the free trial period is now over.

Mindfulness Eating

Mindful Eating is an activity where we challenge the girls to really experience a food.  To practice mindful eating you need one serving of a food that can be eaten slowly.  Most versions of this I’ve seen use a single square of chocolate, but lollipops or a piece of fruit can be used if allergies or nutrition is a concern. Before they start to eat, have the girls examine the food carefully.  What does it look like?  What does it smell like? How do you feel when you look at the food.  Take a small bit.  Hold it in your mouth and let it melt on your tongue.  How does it taste? Challenge the girls to take as long as they need to really enjoy eat bit of the treat.  How was that different from the way they normally would eat a treat?

I have found this can make a great break on a nature hike, especially if you can find a great location where there is an inspiring view.

Super Cookie Challenge

I love the look of many vintage Girl Guide cookie boxes and BC picked one of my favorites to create their Super Cookie Challenge.  This challenge would be a great way to get girls fired up for spring cookie season especially if you have some big group sales planned for Cookie Day in Canada.

The Challenge is divided up into the following sections

  • The History of Girl Guide Cookies
  • Cookie Information
  • Essential Life Skills with Cookie Selling
  • Cookie Selling and Public Relations
  • Think Outside the Cookie Box
  • Cookies Around the World

Girl Guide Mandela

Colouring can be very relaxing even for older girls. It is an easy activity as all you need are the Mandela and some basic colouring material (pencil crayons and/or markers). There is a great Girl Guide themed Mandela in the Might Minds challenge and there are also some great ones on the Owl & Toadstool blog.

Older girls who like to draw may even want to make their own
How to draw a mandela


I know my limits as a Guider and one of them is that I’m no Yoga Instructor.  Yoga stretching can be a great form of self care and the Mighty Minds challenge includes instructions for some postures but if like me you don’t feel comfortable providing this instructions   The best option is to find a qualified instructor to come your your meeting.  But if that doesn’t work for you and you have some way to show video you may want to turn to YouTube.   There are lots of videos available but these were two I found that targeted Guide age kids.

Before doing anything like yoga it is worth mentioning to the girls that if they feel uncomfortable with any of the movements they can just sit quietly on their mat and work on their breathing.