Sand Candles

Another easy and fun way to make candles is to make sand candles.  You uses wet sand to make the mold.  You can even decorate the candles with small shells or rocks.  Once the wax is cooled you can either brush the sand off or leave it there as a decoration.

This Instructable gives great instructions for making candles using a shell as the mold.


Inventing Badge meeting – Part 2

This week we finished working on the Invention badge.  We’ve taken our ideas from the Meeting In A Box: Inventing from Quebec.

This week we split the girls up into two groups.  Each group did a different activity at one end of the gym and then we switched.  We have a large unit so this gave each girl more of an opportunity to participate.

At one end of the gym we ran Invention Jeopardy using the questions from the meeting in a box.

At the other end of the gym we ran Inventor Speed Improv.

This was an exciting night because for some of our third year girls this was the last challenge they needed to finish their squares.  Just a few pieces of the Lady BP challenge to finish off for them now.

Invention Badge Meeting – Part 1

This week we started working on the Invention badge.  I’ve been looking at this badge for a couple of years and I had difficulty figuring out how to make it fun.  Luckily for me, other Guiders had more luck.  We’re using the Meeting In A Box: Inventing as our guide.  But I also found some great ideas from the Caladonia Girl Guides.  We’re going to spread the badge out over two weeks so we don’t need to feel rushed.

This week we worked mostly in Patrols.  We started with the intro activity and had each patrol discuss what inventors they knew, whether or not they thought they could be an inventor and what qualities you’d need to be an inventor.  They shared their thoughts at horseshoe after our opening.

Then we went onto the second activity.  Each patrol was give four current inventions to use as inspiration.  They had to combine and two of them into a new invention.  Then prepare a poster and a skit marketing their invention.

Paint Night

Paint Nights in pubs have become a fun outing for many adults and I’ve seen many Guiders adapting the idea for their units with great success.  There are many painting instructional videos available on YouTube.  If you have the capacity to play the video at your meeting, you could do it directly.  Or you can have a couple of Guiders watch the video though a couple of times and provide the girls direction.  The YouTube videos range in length from 30 min to about 1:30.  This would likely take up a whole meeting or might be a great extended activity at an indoor camp or sleepover.

Typically you need a couple of different sizes of paint brushes per girl, a canvas (check dollar stores for inexpensive canvases), paint (feel free to use left over craft paint rather then acrylic) and some water.

If you want to complete the Paint Night experience, you might also want some light refreshments like popcorn and lemon aid.

Encourage the girls not to get too caught up in the exact instructions but instead to let their creativity shine.  No one expects their painting to look just like the one in the sample/video.

This is an example of the sort of videos you find on YouTube.

What Happened Next?

Girls sit in a circle and each is given a picture on any subject.  The pictures need have no relationship to each other.  Starting at any in the circle, on girl begins to tell a story bringing in the subject of her picture.  Example: picture of an elephant – “There was once an elephant who was captured by a hunter when it was still very young.  It was  brought to Canada and presented as a pet to a five year old boy named Jeremy Jonquil”… etc.  When the players has exhausted her powers of imagination (or after agreed upon time limit.)  She breaks of saying, “What happened next?” she points to another player in the circle.  This girl must carry on with the story bringing in her picture.  Game ends when all girls have participated.

Nova Scotia 100 of Brownie Challenge

100 years browniesThis challenge was created to celebrate the 100th year of Brownies in Nova Scotia.  I really like the crest design.

The challenge is divided up to the following sections:

  • Arts
  •  STEM
  • Active Living
  • Service
  • Heritage

To earn the challenge all branches must do at least one activity from each section and a lot of the activities would make for good bridging activities.  There is a cross-reference section at the end to show where the challenges may overlap with the branch program.