2017 Eclipse

One event to look forward to in 2017 is a North American eclipse of the sun on August 21st.   The best view of the eclipse will be in the center of the US but many major Canadian cities will be able to see a partial eclipse.  Vancouver will have an especially good view.  To see what the eclipse may look like where you are you can check out this Tour of the “Great American Eclipse”.

In order to safely observe an eclipse directly you need either special eclipse glasses or No. 14 welder’s glass.  Another option is to observe the eclipse indirectly such as though a pin hole camera.  Here are some directions to make one.

All Seasons Challenge

The All Seasons Challenge is a new challenge from Ontario Girl Guides.  It challenges girls to be active in their community all year long and focuses on low cost activities and service projects.  The challenge is divided into 5 sections, one for each season and a section of all season activities.  Depending on the branch girls must complete a set number of activities per season.  All Season activities can be counted towards whatever season you do them in.  I’m sure you could structure your entire Guiding year around a challenge like this and it would be a lot of fun.  It would also be a great challenge for multi-level units as most of the activities are not aimed at a particular age group.

Exploring Canada Challenge

The Exploring Canada Challenge is a new challenge from Alberta and it could be a great challenge to do to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday.  The challenge focuses on learning about and visiting National and Provincial parks, UNESCO world heritage sites and National Historical sites.  I suspect that completing this challenge would be a year long challenge for most units if you actually include outings to each of these special sites.

Penny Hike

To hold a penny hike you need a small disk for each girl.  A penny would be a fine choice but they are getting harder to find so instead you could use a tiddlywink or something similar.  Each girl is challenged to find as many things as she can to fit on her disk while she hikes.  She should not pick living things.  Each thing on her disk must be different and they must all fit on at the same time.  At the end of the hike, have the girls get together and show off their finds.  This is a great time to get out some magnifying glasses or small microscopes if you have access to them.  See if the girls can identify what they found.  Or have them classify things (rocks, shells, organics, living creatures etc.)

Compass Concentration

This is a variation of the classic concentration game.  To play you need a compass (real or drawn but real is better as then the game can be played with accurate locations.) and cards with the 16 compass points drawn on them.  Place the compass in the middle of the play area.  Place the north card at the north point on the compass.  The other cards are shuffled and spread out face down a short distance from the compass.  The first girl will flip over a card.  If it is the NEN card, then she will play it in the correct location and take another turn to look for the NE card.  If it is not the NEN card then she will flip it back over in the same location and play turns to the next girl in the patrol.  Play continues until all 16 cards are in place.  Whichever girl places the most cards win.