Alexa, How Might We..?

This is another activity idea from, Canada Learning Code for Code Week.  Like BasketBots this one can be done entirely off line while still learning skills related to programming.  In Alexa, How Might We..? the girls are asked to propose a new app for a voice assistant (like Alexa, Siri or OK Google) to solve specific problems.  The girls then need to define the 4Cs of the problem: Components, Characters, Challenges and Characteristics (of the desired outcome).


Movies at Camp

The cost of computer projectors has come down quite a bit in the last few years. Providing your camp has electricity, showing a movie at camp has become more and more viable.  I’ve found it can be a great option for Friday night, especially at residential camps or sleepovers.

You will need:

  • a screen of some type – I’ve used a white wall or a white sheet hung on the wall
  • a long outdoor extension cord and a power bar
  • laptop and/or DVD player
  • mini projector
  • speakers
  • an appropriate movie for the age group and theme of your camp


Career Night

This was an easy meeting to run and might be a great choice for a week you know you are going to be a little short on Guiders.

We sent out an invitation to the parents a few weeks in advance to generate some volunteers, we also spoke to some friends and family of the Guiders.  In the end we got 5 volunteers a doctor, a flight attendant, an engineer, an opera singer and someone who works for public health.  Our unit has 5 patrols so that worked out well.  We had each volunteer set up a station around the room and ran the evening as a round robin, with 10 minutes at each station.  That gave the volunteers time to tell the girls about their job and left some time for the girls to ask questions.


I know my limits as a Guider and one of them is that I’m no Yoga Instructor.  Yoga stretching can be a great form of self care and the Mighty Minds challenge includes instructions for some postures but if like me you don’t feel comfortable providing this instructions   The best option is to find a qualified instructor to come your your meeting.  But if that doesn’t work for you and you have some way to show video you may want to turn to YouTube.   There are lots of videos available but these were two I found that targeted Guide age kids.

Before doing anything like yoga it is worth mentioning to the girls that if they feel uncomfortable with any of the movements they can just sit quietly on their mat and work on their breathing.

Other Alternatives to a Secret Santa

Last week I posted about a Date with a Book as an alternative to a Secret Santa exchange.  Here are some other ideas from the same Facebook thread:

  1. If allergies are not a problem then a traditional cookie exchange can be fun.  Have each girl bring in a couple dozen cookies and then they get to make up a plate with some of what everyone brought in so they can take home an assortment.
  2. Sock exchange:  Everyone buys one pair of socks to exchange with another girl.  This can be turned into a small service project but asking girls to bring in a second pair of adult socks for a homeless program.
  3. Crafts: You can make a holiday craft but tell the girls in advance they are making their craft for their secret friend.
  4. Holiday cards: Again these can be made in the meeting
  5. Poems: Have each girl write a short poem with positive statements about her secret friend.
  6. Book Exchange: I imagine this would run similar to the ones from Words in Action.  Have each girl bring in two books they are finished with.  They pick out one they haven’t read to take home and the rest are donated.
  7. Stuff Exchange: similar to the book exchange but for DVDs, toys etc.

Blind Date with a Book

There was recently a great discussion on Facebook about alternatives to Secret Santa at the holiday times.  This can be especially important if you have girls in your unit who don’t celebrate Christmas or who come from economically disadvantaged families.  Even if this is not the case, one friend of mine’s daughter was in 5 or 6 Secret Santas between school and club etc.

Blind Date with a Book

Each girl picks out a book they have read but are now done with.   They wrap it in plan paper or newsprint.  On the outside they write a short summery.  Ideally they do this in a way that says something about the book without giving away what the book is.  Girls can pick a book they like the looks of based on the description on the outside.  Hopefully everyone leaves with a book they haven’t read yet.

This could also make a great Valentine’s Day meeting

There’s a Place for You in Engineering!

This lovely crest has been developed by Engineers Canada as part of their Engaging Girls program.  Their website reads:

Engineers Canada has developed and released a Girl Guides crest, to be presented to Girl Guides who complete engineering-related activities under the supervision of a professional engineer or an engineer-in-training. These activities—such as those that present an understanding of how vehicles work, the concept of simple machines, how lipstick is made, to name just a few—expose young girls to the engineering that can be found in everyday life and give them an understanding of how the world around them works.

Anyone interested in using the crest can contact Engineers Canada to confirm conditions of use and order required quantities.

If you have an engineer coming into your meeting to do a presentation to the girls, you may want to inquire about the crest.  Contact information in on the Engaging Girls page.