Festivals and Celebration Challenges

The Festivals and Celebrations challenges are a challenge from the BC International Committee.  There is one challenge for each WAGGGS region.  Each regional challenge included three countries from that region, information about Guiding in that country and lots of activities from that country.  To earn the center crests girls are suppose to try at least one activity from all 15 countries.  You could also work on the sections individually, exploring one region at a greater level of detail.

New Uniform for Girl Guides of Canada

In case you missed the announcement from National today, here is the new uniform.  While you can’t ever please everyone, so far I’ve heard more positive feedback then negative.  I really like the darker colour and I think it will encourage girls to wear the tie and badge sash even if they are no longer mandatory as they really pop against the navy.

For more images including adults in the uniform see this Look Book. or the FAQ

The shirts are suppose to be in the Guide shop by the end of June.  Now I just have to decide if I want the t-shirt or the long sleeve tunic (maybe both).

Foreign Tongue

In this game the girls pretend to be shopping in a country where English is not spoken.  Each patrol sends one girl to the game leader.  She gives her a short shopping list of two or three items.  For example: a broom, a can opener and an umbrella.  She returns to her patrol who pretends to be the shop keepers.  She must act out each item on her list.  When the patrol thinks they know all the items on the list,  one member runs to the game leader to tell her.  The first patrol to have all the items correct wins and a new girl is selected to be the traveler from each patrol for the next round.

Celebrate with Light Multi-unit Advancement

Before the Advancement night each unit should learn/practice the song Celebrate with Light

Celebrate with Light
Words and Music: Sheila Goulet, Ontario

We have our campfires burning, the sun is returning,
Come celebrate with light.
With all our lanterns beaming, candles a-gleaming,
Come celebrate with light.
All nature lights our way, the sun in the day
The moon and the shining stars at night.
So with our flashlights blinking, glad eyes a-twinkling,
Come celebrate with light.



  • Glow-in-the-dark star for each Spark (Sparks could make their own with glow-in-the-dark paint)
  • Glow Stick for each Brownie
  • Battery operated candle for each Guide
  • Flashlight for each Pathfinder
  • Lantern for each Ranger


  • a campfire
  • a sun
  • a moon
  • Two strings of battery operated lights to form a path for the girls to advance along
  • Lights dimmed if possible


Give each girl her prop before opening.  Let each branch run their opening. Then have everyone sing Celebrate of Light.

Welcome the parents and any special guests.


“Sparks may be small but their light shines brightly.”

Sparks advance to Brownies

“Brownies have lots of energy so their light shines on and on.”

Brownies advance to Guides

“Guides learn to light their own matches and candles”

Guides advance to Pathfinders

“Pathfinders have learned to Be Prepared and always pack extra batteries”

Pathfinders advance to Rangers

“Rangers light the way into the future of our organization.”

Rangers advance to being Adults


“While all our girls shine bright, some of the Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers deserve special acknowledgement for their achievement tonight.”

Present all Lady BP, Canada Cords, and Trailblazer awards.  You can also award any adult recognition here.

Rest of the Evening:

If you’d like to run a campfire you can use a light theme and include songs like.

  • Celebrate with light
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Cuckoo
  • You are my Sunshine
  • There are No Banana’s in the Sky
  • This little Brownie Light of Mine
  • Mr. Sun
  • Golden Sun
  • Sparks Closing
  • Brownie Bells
  • Taps

If you are serving snacks you can serve them after campfire and have time for photos ops by the props


Camp Skills Challenges

New from the BC Camping Department is a series of Camp Skills challenges for every branch (and a special one for Trex). Each challenge includes challenges around being a no trace camper, the camp experience, camp cooking and staying overnight.  They all look great!  This could be a great way to introduce basic camp skills to the younger girls or challenge the older girls to up their game.

Night Raid

This game adapts to lots of different themes depending on who the sentinels and the stalkers pretend to be.  It is similar to the Bell Stalking Game but is played with a different set up.

This game can be played during the day but is better at night or at least dusk.

To play you need an open door.  Two girls are picked as sentinels and they stand blind folded on either side of the door, at least two meters apart.  All the other girls are stalkers and scatter throughout the play area.  On the game leaders signal, the stalkers try to sneak though the door as quietly as they can.  If the sentinels hear them, they are out for the round.  If two girls make it though the door then the round is over. The two girls who sneaked though the door become the new sentinels.  If the sentinels catch all the stalkers, they win and the game leader should pick new sentinels for the next round.

Design a Mocktail

A mocktail is a fancy alcohol-free mixed drink.  They can be a fun way to celebrate or can open a discussion on alcohol use.


  • fruit juices such as apple, orange, cranberry, lemon-aid etc.
  • fizzy beverages such as ginger-ale, lemon-lime, soda water etc.
  • fruit including lemons, lime, orange, grapefruit, berries, watermelon etc.
  • vegetables such as celery or cucumber
  • spices such as cinnamon or herbs such as mint,
  • bling such as drink umbrellas or fancy swizzle sticks, different shape glassware


  1. Discuss with your girls what a mocktail is and why it is fun to make them.  With older girls you can also discuss why it might be preferable to enjoy a mocktail instead of a cocktail.
  2. Give the girls a opportunity to invent their own perfect mocktail.  Have them consider appearance, tastes, presentation etc.  Each girl should name her concoction.
  3. If you’d like you can hold a contest at the end where girls try the drinks the others have made. Or you can create a menu/recipe book of all the girls creations.