Ice and Snow Camp

I always pick a theme for camp because among the myriad of activities you could do at camp, I find a theme helps me (and/or the girls) focus on what to do at this particular camp.  I was recently discussing this with a fellow Guider and she was worried that themes sometimes take away from girls time to just enjoy nature.  So I thought I’d put together this simple theme to show how you can do both.

This theme would also work really well for multi-branch unit camps or multi-unit camps as many of the ideas and activities could easily be done by Sparks or Brownies.

If you wanted you could easily add in activities from the Polar Challenge as well.

Theme: Ice and Snow 

This outline is for an residential winter camp.

Program Connections:

  • Art Studio
  • My Physical Self
  • Science Lab

Opening and Closing

There is an often sited “fact” that the Inuit have 52 words for snow.  That idea has been largely discredited by modern linguists as to find 52 different words you have to count the same word in multiple dialects.  That said, both the Inuit and English speaking Canadians have a lot of words and phrases for ice and snow.

Put up a large blank sheet of paper at the beginning of camp and challenge the girls to write as many words for ice or snow as they know.  At the end of camp, count up how many words they came up with.  Did they get to 52?  You can check this list or this one if you need to extra words to fill out the list or to get the girls going.




  • snow snake
  • freeze tag
  • Coloured Ice Scavenger Hunt (From Winter 2019 Canadian Guider)


White Quilt

Too Much Winter

The Day The Snow Finally Came


A Snowy Day




Speed Stacker

Here is one more offline programming game from Canada Learning Code.  Speed Stacker creates a 6 symbol program language for stacking cups.  One girl acts as the programmer and writes the symbols on a piece of paper, while her partner (who does not know what the finished structure is suppose to look like) tries to follow the instructions to built it.  There is even an extension for turning it into a competitive game once the girls have the hang of it.

Plastic Free Challenge

The Plastic Free Challenge is a new Challenge from Nova Scotia.  The focus is to teach girls about the problems associated with single use plastic items and get them to think about long term solutions.  There is a separate list of activities for each branch but each branch has to do an opening and closing activity and then one activity from each activity area: At Home, In the Community and In Nature.

This challenge would pair well with a shoreline cleanup service project.