Girls First Equivalencies

If you are looking for more information on the new program, I highly recommend you start with this document:  A Guide to the Girl Program If you still have questions it is likely that the Girls First Champions are your best resource.

They have also release equivalency charts for each branch.  These chart require a little guess work by the Guiders to figure out where their current girls will sit in the new program.  But they should still give you a good idea.

I’ve used the equivalency charts to add new tags to many of my posts so that you can look up ideas based on the new program.  Some guess work was involved so I will likely update the tags again sometime in the fall.

Top Secret Camp

A Camp for Girl Guides

Theme:  This camp is based on the Top Secret Challenge.  Other ideas were taking from a training at Share The Fun – Guider Enrichment Day

Guide Program Work:  This camp was designed to allow girls to work on their Naturalist badge.  This is also a great topic for covering some Girl Guide history.

Patrols: Patrols could be named after famous fictional spies or spy agencies.



  1. Plaster Animal Tracks
  2. Finger print doodles
  3. Morse Code bracelets 
  4. Hide and Seek Bottle



Hold a Menu Meal

Bell Stalking Game


  • Blindfold
  • bells or other noisy small objects such as a tambourine or a Guiders key chain.

To Play:

  1. Have all the girls sit in a large circle
  2. Have one girls sit in the middle and put on the blindfold. The noisy object is placed on the ground near (within arms reach) of the girl in the middle.
  3. All the other girls have to stay really quiet.
  4. One girl is selected.  She tries to sneak into the circle, pick up the item and return to her spot without making a sound.
  5. The girl in the middle can point when she hears noise.  If she points at the girl sneaking in the girl who is sneaking must stop and return to the circle.  A new girl is then selected.  We often limit the girl in the middle to three guesses.
  6. If the girl sneaking in successfully steal the noisy object. She takes over as the girl in the middle.


Fingerprint Doodles

Fingerprint doodles is an easy and fun craft project.


  • white paper (we used blank cards)
  • paint or ink
  • fine black pens


  1. Have the girls make a series of finger prints on the paper.  We did this by colouring the pad of their finger with a fresh marker and then having them stamp the page.  You can also use an ink pad or light paint.
  2. After the fingerprint is dry, they should uses their imagination to add lines to the fingerprint to turn it into an object, animal or creature.

Fingerprint Monster Doodles: Fun Activity For Kids

Clue Wide Game

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.
– Arthur Conan Doyle


First you need to decide what your crime will be.  With older girls you might do a murder as in the original Clue game but for younger ones I suggest a theft (“Oh no someone stole the s’mores”) or the kidnapping of a unit mascot.   Then you need to make up your Clue cards.  You will need location cards for locations around your play area, suspects (Guiders?)  and either weapons or hiding places.  I’d suggest 6-8 cards for each category.  You will also need to make a score card per patrol that has a list of all the possible cards  and check boxes.  I recommend making more then 1 row of check boxes in case the girls want to play the game several times.

Before you play, shuffle each pile separately and select one card from each pile.  Set them aside in a secret place.

To Play:

Have a list of 6 locations, associate each one with a side of a die.  Then divide the remaining cards among the leaders. At a central location have a die available to roll.  Patrols take turns rolling the die and travel to that location.  Once they arrive they can propose a solution to the Leader there.  If she has one or more cards that contradicts the proposed solution she shows it to the girls.  Once the patrol is sure they know the solution they can tell the Guider supervising the die rolling.   If their answer is correct they win.

Towards the end end of the game, when some patrols have been to the same location over and over, we let them re-roll if they sing a camp song.


Semaphore is a fun, historical communication activity.  It was once considered an core Girl Guide skill but girls still have fun trying to send messages with flags.

Semaphore flags are not hard to make if you have basic sewing skills and once made they will last for years.  I’d suggest making at least two sets.

To practice semaphore split the girls into two groups.  Each group will need a set of semaphore flags, a copy of semaphore signals, some paper and pencils.  Have them spread out as far as possible.  Each team chooses a simple message to try a broadcast.  Then one team at a time tries to signal while the other team writes down what they see.  Then switch.