Tinted Jars

This is a super easy way to pretty up some jars.  Easy enough for Sparks but still fun for Guides, Pathfinders or even Guiders.


  • Jars for each girl.  I’ve often seen the craft done with Mason jars but we did it with much smaller glass yogurt jars.
  • Mod Podge
  • Food Colouring
  • small foam brushes
  • wax paper
  • Sharpie marker
  • cookie sheets and oven


  1. Pour mod podge into several small containers.  Mix food colouring into each container to make the mod podge a different colour.  Don’t be afraid to add a fair amount of colour.
  2. Give each girl a jar and a piece of wax paper to work on.
  3. Write names on the bottom of the jar for easy identification later.
  4. Turn the jar upside down and paint the outside.  Ideally you want a thin layer over the whole outside.  Thicker painting may not go clear when dried.
  5. Allow to dry for an hour or so.  Allow any extra mod podge to drip onto the wax paper.
  6. Transfer the jars to the cookie sheet and bake at 150 degrees for 20 min.

Once completed, small jars can have a candle put in them to make a light.  Taller jars can be made into vases for flowers.

Campfire Opening and Gathering Songs Mini-book

Much like the Opening and Closing Mini-book I made last year, this book contains the words to common campfire openings and gathering songs.  I love campfire openings and there are a great wealth of fantastic ones.  Sadly, if left to their own devices, my Guides will pick Fire’s Burning every week.  It isn’t that I don’t like Fire’s Burning, I’m just in favour of mixing it up a bit.  Hopefully, this booklet will in courage them to pick something else.

Campfire Openings mini-book

Buddy Burners

Traditionally I’ve always used tuna cans, but at a recent camp we tried small  individual serving cat food cans.  The Guider who collected them feeds her cat the food twice a day so the cans were easy for her to collect and used less wax then tuna cans.  It is easier to make buddy burners on a different day then when you want to use them.


  • Small flat cans
  • corrugated cardboard
  • a wick or birthday candle
  • paraffin wax or old candles to melt down


  1. cut the cardboard so it is in long strips the same width as the height of the cans.
  2. Tightly wind the cardboard around a wick or birthday candle until it will fill the can tightly.  It may help to play with the cardboard some so it will be flexible enough to roll.  You want to fill most of the can with cardboard otherwise it will take A LOT of paraffin to finish the burners.
  3. Melt the wax in a double boiler.  It is often wise to use a can as the inside boiler otherwise clean up can be tricky.
  4. Fill the cans to the top with wax and allow to cool thoroughly.

Buddy burners can be used under a tin can stove or in a park bbq for some quick heat.  I recommend bringing an old flat pot lid or large can top to snuff out the burners when you are done.  Also pack some oven mitts.  Do not under estimate how hot the cans can get.  Be sure they are completely cool again before packing them away on a hike.

Edible Campfires

Edible campfires can be a fun and tasty way to discuss fire safety and/or fire building.

The fire instant meeting from BC Program has a really extensive edible campfire including water bucket, fire starters etc.

For my unit we wanted to keep it a little simpler and healthier.


  • Red grapes cut in half
  • pretzel sticks
  • small bits of cheese
  • napkins or paper towel


  1. lay the napkin down in front of each girl
  2. arrange the red grapes like a ring of stones
  3. set up your wood (pretzel) inside the ring of grapes
  4. add cheese to represent the flames.

The Food Network has another take on these with their Campfire Cookies.

Title Tapes

I have always been a fan of title tapes.  I think they help give girls a sense of belonging to their unit and they look nice on their uniform.  I know that not all units bother, but they really aren’t expensive, especially if you order in bulk and then use them over time.

My unit uses tapes from JJ Cash in the UK.  We bought 144 tapes at once.   Even with 30 girls in our unit they will last us for years and years and worked out to about $0.20 each.  We split the shipping and handling with a couple of other units that needed to order at the same time.

I’ve also heard of units that had a lot of success ordering from Advantage Labels.  It is a Canadian company and might work out to be cheaper if you are covering your own S&H.

Some small units have also had success buying fabric designed for Injet printers and printing their own.  I can see how this could be a great option for small and/or multi-branch units.

World Hunger Day Instant meeting

I missed this instant meeting for World Hunger Day while I was taking my break last Spring.  But the activities fit in nicely with some of the goals of NSP: Action on Poverty, so the meeting will still be relevant this fall.

The instant meeting is designed to get girls thinking about the causes of hunger.  It has an opening and closing activity and 7 other suggested activities to pick from to round out your meeting.  I think all the actives look great and I will definitely be using this material at some point during the Guiding year.

I would like to draw attention the fact mentioned at the beginning of the  Instant meeting “According to Food Banks Canada, about 13 per cent of Canadians struggle with food insecurity and do not have access to adequate amounts of safe, good-quality, nutritious food.”  It is more then possible that a girl in your unit is living with food insecurity or has done so in the past.